Sep 30, 2007

5 Things You Don't Know About Me (Unless I Already Told You)

Playing a little tag here with Trinity today. I'm posting five things you maybe don't know about me (or maybe you do--I talk a lot and forget where I stopped). Trinity said she thought it would help her get to know me a little better. You sure you wanna know? If yes, keep reading; if no, I know you'll keep reading, but you might do it with a look of disdain:

  1. I spend a great deal of time thinking about how my life will be in about 40 years--without the kids around and possibly no husband. How will I get through those long and silent days? I relish that time now, but that's only because I know to give it an hour or two and the house will be exploding with every kind of noise possible. This bothers me and I think it is my biggest 'about me' fear.
  2. I was the editor of our school paper--The Savage my senior year. I decided after that that going to journalism school wasn't what thrilled me, although I love to write.
  3. I'm an ex-smoker who didn't mean to quit--I smoked about half a pack a day and when I had my hysterectomy last year, the nurse never got around to giving me the patch. By the time I got out of the hospital three days later, I knew nicotine would make me sick to my stomach the first few times--so I didn't dare risk my incision opening and my innards slipping through my abdomen because I wanted a cigarette. the time I was healed enough, what's the point?! I'm up 15 pounds from last year, that stinks, but it'll come off. To be truthful, I sometimes wish I'd never quit. I miss sitting on the deck, looking at the stars and having that after dinner smoke (we only smoked outside, don't freak out, the house is a smoke free zone as is the car).
  4. I had a hysterectomy last year (oops, I already told you that!). A cyst burst on my ovary last September, so I went to the ER. Long story but a week later I'm in the hospital having an ablation done when the doctor closed me up and said I'd need a hysterectomy. I had the distinction of having the worst case of endometriosis she's ever seen and it's spreading all over my body. No hormones for me--I'm still waiting on the moustache. Hot flashes really are hot, by the way. Another year later and my story might have been very different had it spread to my lungs and other major organs. Had no clue! Thank goodness for the cyst bursting--although it hurt like a son-of-a-gun!
  5. I'm not sure I blogged this ever, but in high school I also went to state competition for my typing and shorthand. While others had medals dangling off their letter jackets for basketball, football, whatever sport, mine are all from typing and shorthand (Can you spell nerdy? I can--remember, Editor!). And yes, I still can take shorthand! I make many of my Christmas lists with shorthand--so yeah huh it is too useful information! Stop laughing--I can soo hear that!

So there are five more non-essential but true pieces to the puzzle that is Stacey. I wanted to download and post some bunco photos, but I left the camera in the car and John took my car to watch the Chiefs play at his brother's house. On the television--the Chiefs are not playing at Jeff's house, that'd be silly. Well, maybe not silly, but very impractical, I don't know where they'd play. Awhile back, maybe in the back yard, but they have a pool now, so no, the Chiefs are not playing at Jeff's house today.

Maybe bunco photos later or tomorrow--I won a prize and I have to show it to you, you'll crack up!

Okay time for me to tag...

  • Eileen one of my newer friends. Eileen has a full life, working, being a momma and a wife. Yes it is a very busy life, and how she finds time to blog, I'll always wonder. But...Eileen, I'm very glad you did.
  • LaLa is another newer blogger to me. She's got a thing for Fergie and even has her ring tone set to that, but it's okay, I like her anyway. (LaLa, don't tell, but I kind of like that Party Like A Rockstar song---ta ta ta totally duuuude!)
  • Katja my stunningly beautiful (model at one time) Colorado friend. She's a wife, momma, business woman and a whole lotta more stuff! Katja, I think it's time you tell us something really bad--so's maybe I won't envy you so much. Okay?


Sharon said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love yours and I'm glad I found it. Can't beat the Tide stain stick by the way!! LOL
Hey my mom knew shorthand and would write our names on Christmas gifts using that. We had no idea who's gift was who's. Not fair!!!
Ps. I'm from Missouri originally. I see you live there.

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Your state has a competition for typing and shorthand? Is there a national competition too? *lol*

Trinity said...

Stacey... you see, I know about you more thanks to this tag.. :-) Oh you got several operations in your life! I never have one before, *hope I won't*

Glad to find out you have quit smoking... most of people feel very hard to quit!


Lala said...

HI Stacey!!! Um... NO... I don't have a thing for FERGIE (but obviously MY HUSBAND does... LOL)my "aversion" to Fergie is equal with my aversion to cellphones... but I forgive ya... must've gotten me mixed up with some other SUPERSTAR (yea... so doing the Molly Shannon move)... Not sure how this tag thing works... but I'll try it... THANKS!

Lala :o)

D... said...

I must say, I am glad you are an ex-smoker. I don't want to have to worry about you getting lung cancer, emphysema, or aging prematurely. :P

And I firmly believe things happen for a reason. That cyst was meant to burst to protect you. And to make you stop smoking. ;)

Sharon said...

Oh Stacey - let's me neighbors and then in 40 years we won't have to worry about long and silent days. We'll blast our favorite music (so we can hear it) and dance and do cartwheels (or try) on the front lawn. Who cares if the *other* neighbors thing we're crazy old ladies.
I'm an ex-smoker too - almost twenty years. At one point almost three packs a day honey. I lived on smokes, coca-cola and oranges (ya know, vitamin C) in my twenties which is one reason I look like a walking skeleton in those days. I never miss it any longer.
I never went to state for anything in high school - I was too busy with other things - like skipping out of class, LOL! Well, not every day. If my class wouldn't have been so crowded (over 800 graduating) I would have been able to get into the typing class and then I wouldn't have skipped becuase I would have been busy preparing for competition. See? We have something else in common.
xo, Sharon

Girl Gone Wild said...

1 and 2 was new to me...I guess I didn't realize the extent of that nasty hyster. That sounded scary! Glad you got all that crap out of you. I can't imagine doing the bloggin' thing without ya!