Sep 29, 2007

No You Make ME Smile....All Y'all Do!

Edit: I'm in the process of updating my blog template and have lost all my links and awards, etc. I'm rebuilding them--but it takes time. If you're not there yet, I still love ya, I just got tired.

I have been fortunate enough to make a new blogger friend this week, Trinity. She's a beautiful wife, mom and much much more over in Indonesia. This is the gal I was talking about who was hosting the giveaway in honor of all the family celebrations coming up! I'm certain she'll make sure I receive the top prize, right Trinity? Right?

Ahh, well, even better than the prospect of winning a prize, she says I make her smile. It amazes me when I read all my friends blogs, all of you, and you lift me up so high, I enjoy every single one of you, and then one of you tells me you noticed something about me. It's humbling, indeed, and I never get used to that. Listen to me, I'm sounding like a movie star accepting an award--but it's the truth. Okay, okay, I'll get on with the award (and Trinity, I'll do my tag next week, thanks for the post idea!!).

And I have the pleasure of passing this along....I think you've all met my friend Cat--you know we met online in another website for Christian moms and turned out we were practically neighbors. I met Cat for lunch, then a movie, then from that point on, she's been a dear friend of mine. She and her family have blessed our church by becoming members, and we couldn't love them more. How does Cat make me smile? Cat makes me smile mostly in our little Wednesday study we're doing with our pastor. We sit on the couch together and it's hard not to just burst out with laughter sometimes. Ask her how she spent last week sucking up to the pastor, all intellectual and stuff! Cat, you make me smile.

Another goes to a new friend I've made--Karen. Karen is new to our church family as well and what a welcome addition she is. It isn't always easy to come into a new church and slide right in, I know this, but Karen and her family have done that. She's got a blog too, couldn't believe it! It's used mostly to update friends and family on her family, and if you want to peek inside a beautiful, giving family's life, go check out Casting Crumbs.

Next, Kathleen (Coffee Mom) who STILL patiently awaits the DD coffee I have promised her--Kathleen, it is here, I promise I have not drank YOUR coffee although I'm out and I'm tempted. I will get it mailed and you will be very surprised. Kathleen lives in Canada and homeschools her children too. I can't tell you how many giggles and flat out laugh-till-I-cry moments I've had on her blog--she doesn't take herself too seriously. I like that. If I start taking myself seriously, I read her and remember I'm not all that!

Everyone I know knows Sharon. Sharon Sews--in fact, she's been so busy sewing up my pink jacket she forgot to get my mailing address to mail it to me. Email me, Sharon, I'll send it right over. Sharon is not ONLY a seamstress to be reckoned with but she's also a supermodel now (her modeling post is HILARIOUS! She's beautiful & funny.)

One more blogger has been on my mind of late. My friend Cheryl at Word Quilter. Cheryl is a beautiful person inside and out. Of late, her life's been quite jumbled with ups and downs and looks like on the uppp side of life right now, and I just adore her. She makes me smile because I've never known someone who can have so much dumped on her plate and turn around and indicate she knows for certain this will all be alright. Cheryl, love your curtains, but you need to update that blog. So here ya go!

Alright off to do housework now. I finally took the weekend off from typing--I feel so free! Tonight is bunco night for the women at church and I'm sooo gonna win prizes there. And of course, you know I'll have someone take my picture so I can post me there winning.


Katja from said...

Congrats! I feel really lucky that I've met you! (and your CD keeps me company every day while driving these mountain roads :)

Have a great weekend!

Cat said...

Okay girl, I will have to do this one.
ahh you make me feel so special girl, we are truly good friends. thank you!

as for tonight, girl I rock at bunco, so you better watch out! LOL

karen said...

Okay, I'm there! I probably suck really bad at bunko but I'll be there with big bells on!

Cheryl said...

Congratulations......thank you.....and ha ha ha! Yes, ma'am, I will post something new on my blog right away!

You are soooo very sweet. The very first time I "met" you, you made me smile, and I was hooked. You had pictures on your blog of the precious people you were visiting at the nursing home. The expression on the face of one of your "victims" told the story--yep, you were a bona fide smile bringer.

I appreciate you! Not just for making me smile, but for checking on me and prodding me into gear. I hope you win at bunko tonight!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your well deserved award. I love how you do your award presentations, so much thought and caring (just like you) goes into them. Have fun and Bunco (did I spell it right) and I hope you win a ton of prizes! I have been behind in blogging, but trying to catch up. It made me sad when you were guest blogging, to see a sign saying Not home. Even thou, it is just cyberville.
Many Blessings,

Bubba's Sis said...

I love the new look!!!

D... said...

You DO make me smile! Congrats on your award, you deserve it!

Love the new look! The pink flowers are my favorite part.

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

you deserve that award 10x over. And I too love the new look :) Are you going pink for October?

Girl Gone Wild said...

Whatcha doin' to your blog? It's starting to look really good!

Hey, what are you doing the first weekend in December?????

Trinity said...

Hahaha... I will always note your effort to win the prize, sweetie...
Do you care about getting more links? Then I will tag you for this... very easy one.. here it is:

I would love to know about your friends who make you smile as well...