Aug 20, 2007

A Quickie

Just a quick quick post---this morning taking Cody to take his driver's test. He's sooo nervous. (so am I).

Then, first day of homeschool for Alex--we're reversing his hours today from morning to afternoon to accomodate Cody's test. This can't be good that already I'm off track, lol. Naw, I knew it was coming and have cleared my mornings for the next two weeks. Yet it is a good thing about homeschool--we can be flexible. Heck, we can start school at 8pm if we wanted to. But we don't want to! But we can!

Anyway, I'll be back later on to post a little meme. Give you a hint. It's an ocho things meme. And guys, I'm seriously sorry but I didn't mail the CDs Friday. I am all over that today.

Keepin the Endeavour music going--they'll land just fine, but it wouldn't hurt to throw up a little prayer.


Girl Gone Wild said...

Good luk, Cody!!!!!

Girl Gone Wild said...

Oh good grief! It's LUCK, Gigi!


Misty Dawn said...

Best of luck to Cody, and I hope the homeschooling works out wonderfully for you!

Cat said...

Woohoo Hope all goes well for Cody!
Good luck Dude!!!

and good luck to you too GF with the Homeschooling. I can see him now telling Brandon how cool it is, and Brandon bugging me to do it. LOL

Oh by the way, you are SO INVITED to my house Friday Night for my Party!
and any friends you wanna bring along!