Aug 1, 2007

The Kettle Thinks The Pot Needs To Cook More Evenly....

I'm hearing (click here) the NAACP wants us to keep an open mind for Michael Vick....that he hasn't been tried, that the witness against him is unreliable. That Paris and Lindsay (what? are we children...'but but but Paris.....') don't suffer the same condemnation. Clearly they didn't see my NASA post?! I am the first to admit, don't have a lot of patience or empathy for Mr. Vick, pretty much do. not. care. I'm a dog lover, I know the court system will do its job and the truth will come out. Here's where I get worked up:
Clicking away at my keyboard, listening to the television and determined to keep my deadline, I nearly spit out my Diet Coke with Lime when Reverend Harris said this last night on Hannity & Colmes:
"We did a community hug in our community, young people with his jersey on. He represents something for them that a lot of people in America will never understand."
Gosh darn!...that's touching. MmmmMmmm! wish I coulda been there and stuff.
Now, as my mind was racing and I was researching this (been on my mind all day), I'm not the only one who thought maybe, maybe maybe....yeah, yeah, okie dokie, here we go: Remember that little widdle teensy weensy case at Duke University? The one no one got worked up about prematurely? The LaCrosse players? For an illustration of how the NAACP practices restraint, click here. Yeah, thought so, wouldn't wanna convict anyone before they're convicted (Chrissy snort!).
So here's what I'm thinking...get your motives straight, then I'll be very very glad to hear you out. Because I don't have time for prejudiced people, Reverend Harris, Minister Muhammad....and that includes YOU!
By the way, I'm going out of town for a few days in about a week. I have to find a dog sitter for Old Louie. Who, Reverent Harris, would you recommend? Bet you wouldn't ask Mr. Vick to watch your puppies!


Debbie said...

I heard the NAACP and Hannity. Also today two former NFL players spoke up for Vick, sort of. Sure, he's innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. But just like OJ, we know what he did. His partner has already rolled over on him and plead guilty. He's singing like a bird. Vick financed the entire thing, bought dogs, killed and tortured dogs, transported them across state lines, collected the profits from the betting. Sounds guilty to me. But yes, let's all wait and see...

Meanwhile, my three babies will go nowhere near him. (Beagle, Lab, German Shepherd, and they all have a taste for VICK)

Cat said...

I would so do it for you, if He could come here. LOL I can put a line out front for him so he isn't doing stairs. I SO LOVE LOUIE!

D... said...

Preach it loud, sister. I'm with you 100%. No Chrissy snort from me!

BTW, I heart diet coke with lime. YUM!

Girl Gone Wild said...

A few thoughts...

Headlines: "Rev. Blah-blah gets the smack down by Gidget and blubbers in submission" Your teenagers don't have a chance!

Diet Coke...Nasty. With lime...might as well as drink vomit. :-)

Louie, Louie
Oh Baby
Come stay with me
I'll have to pamper thee...
(Ok, so I'm no KatieBod!-as in )

Girl Gone Wild said...

You "might" have something for me?? You know you don't have to intice me...I check just about every hour to see if you've either posted or commented.

I'm off to White Water for the morning...I'll be back this afternoon!

~the infamous GiGi

Cat said...

Umm yeah, think I have to agree with GiGi on this one. Diet Coke with lime tastes NASTY! of course Any Diet Anything taste nasty to me.

LOL @ "might as well drink vomit!"

pinks & blues girls said...

EXCELLENT post, Stacey!! Yes, let's get our motives straight before we condemn OR support anyone.

And I'm sorry, I don't care about "innocent until proven guilty" in this case. There is just WAY too much evidence pointing directly to Vick.

I wish I could watch Old Louie for you!!! If I lived closer, I totally would, you know!

Jane, P&B Girls

Dawn - Coming to a Nursery Near You said...



Just kidding - seriously, I knew who you were talking about... just don't care. Dirt bags don't deserve the air time that they get. Try & convict him, send him bye bye and let's get on with our lives. As much as I feel bad for the dogs, how much blog traffic and news cycles have talked about the woman who killed her 2 kids by leaving them in her car while she went to work, then took them home, bathed and dressed them and then hid them under the sink (or something). Not too much, that's for sure. Our priorities in this country are totally screwed up.

Great, great post, though! And I don't do any kind of pepsi or coke so I can't comment on THAT part :)

Don't you love it when people come and leave such tomes of wisdom on your comments section? *G*

OH and where ya going? Coming east? NH specifically? Huh huh huh?

And I totally got the chrissy snort reference LOL

God, I'm old(er) than you.

Cat said...

What you doing???? I miss you!!!


Girl Gone Wild said...

Ok...I'm out of the loop...what's with the Crissy snort thing?

OH!! WAIT! Do you guys mean Crissy as in Three's Company???

...just call me Crissy.