Aug 31, 2007

I'm Going To Melt!

Our air-conditioner is on the fritz. Which means by 2pm, therefor so my hair will be as well. I don't do hot so well since my surgery last year and I'm scared. Scared, I tell you. It's going to heat up in a few hours and unless the a/c guy can do something to limp this 17 year old air conditioner along, I'm going to flee for my life. Yes, that's it, I'll need to head for the cold air--I say I won't, but I already know, I'll even do WalMart to stay out of the scorch!

Fortunately, John's brother is our a/c guy, he owns the company. So I have faith that they can help. Right, Jim? Sadly, I have senior pictures coming up on the 10th (Niki's not mine. It'd be quite silly for me to start taking senior pics. Unless of course they were senior pictures in the literal sense of the word, because that wouldn't be a stretch!). I've already promised Cody his letter jacket. We should have gotten him one last year when he lettered in diving <insert casual bragging here> but I put him off. If I order it soon it'll be here in time for winter. And.....we're putting on a new roof.
May as well just sent myself overdraft notices, save the bank their time when it comes around!!
However comma on a much better note, Bridget (And Miles To Go...), a favorite of a ton a ton a ton of bloggers has issued the first ever You Make Me Smile Award and not gonna lie, I was floored. She thinks I inspire and make her smile, when in all honesty, she's where bloggers to go regroup, recharge and energize themselves. This is one cool mommy with an above-the-bar interesting story about her family. Because of Bridget, I intend to do better with my culinary skills or lack thereof. She made a good point--she's gonna be in there cooking anyway, may as well put her heart into it. And I read that and felt thumped on the back of the head! Okay okay okay, I'm going to try harder!

Now--I'm planning on heading to St. Joseph to take my son to the museum today if the air guy gets here before I'm ready. So I'll award this one later too (see yesterday's post). I know who I'm givin it to but it takes me, the computer-challenged blogger, ten years to link uppp! Thanks, Bridget. It's quite ironic you should pass this onto ME!

And to shower and do my hair BEFORE the heat sets in. Tell me I can do this, please! WHY couldn't this happen in two or three weeks when fall finally comes to stay? Ahh, don't answer, I already know. Stupid Murphy!


Cat said...

Your always welcome here to cool down girlfriend! Congrats on the yet again blogging award! LOL you are on a roll girl!

I am slowly but surely getting back to blogging, and things are looking up around here. (have 2 court dates to go to with Greg now though. UGH)

will talk to you soon girl! Call if you need anything!
Love ya!

kailani said...

I feel for you! Our ac is still not working and it was 97 degrees in my living room yesterday! Yikes!

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

Awww, sending you some nice Iced coffee!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Come on up for a cool off. It's raining today and it feels quite refreshing!

Donna said...

We only have A/C in the bedroom, so I am being thankful for the "cool front" that's blessing us just now.

Shana said...

I hope that this comment doesn't find you in a puddle on the!!!

No really, I hear ya, I don't do HOT well either. I do hope that you get that A/C fixed ASAP.

D... said...

oh! Poor you! There is NO way I could handle a on-the-fritz a/c. I sure hope it's running and your freezing cold now.

Congrats on your award! You definitely deserve it!

Cat said...

What is Rock the Light? We are still looking, we may just do the Fantastic Caverns!

Sharon said...

Oh you poor thing. I hope you survived okay. You can stop here anytime to cool off - mid-70s with a nice breeze. I'd even turn on the a/c for you and I hate a/c.

Congrats on the "you make me smile award" - you so deserve it! You make a lot of us smile :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the "you make me smile award", it is perfect for you. I know I have only been reading your blog for a short time, but you and your kind hear and gentle spirit certainly make me smile.
I hope you a/c get fixes ASAP, I hate being hot. I am sending lots of cool thoughts your way.

Bubba's Sis said...

I could not survive without a/c. Seriously. It's hot as H-E-double-hockey-sticks here in the summer. In the past month if it hasn't been raining it has been 100+ degrees. I'd have to go to a hotel if my a/c broke.

Funky Art Queen said...

Sorry about the AC-I would not make it here in Texas-90-100 hot and dry degrees. I think I would just die!