Aug 5, 2007

Golf Clubs, It Was A Set Of Golf Clubs!

Golf clubs...that's what he got! (Not the little ones pictured, those are Alex's. That would be silly!)

Yeah, baking soda. It's a necessity. Psh, I'm sooo not afraid of you, Johnny.

Even Louie won't touch it!

Finally on Sunday night, we found time to do a do-over! Cody lit 13 candles, we just added the 4 and 9. Last year we were eating wax before it was over!

I overslept today--didn't feel well last night. Yes, I actually went to church with this hair! And didn't feel up to even caring!
See that look? I think he's still apprehensive about my baking talents!

Success! Look at those handsome faces, will ya!
Don't forget to go down to the previous post--enter the giveaway and get a great little CD! I have to figure out how to do a sticky, but don't know how. Gigi--do you?

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JaniceNW said...

Looks nice the second cake turned out very well. I'm sorry you aren't feeling too well. I can relate as I'm still getting over my sinus infection.

Have a great Monday!

kailani said...

Your husband is such a good sport letting you take all those photos and knowing it will end up on your blog!

Bubba's Sis said...

Happy Birthday to John! And no worries about the hair - God loves you no matter how you look (but personally, I think you looked ca-yooot! Fantabulistic, even!).

Cat said...

Mm that cake looks good. got left overs? LOL

I didn't even notice your hair at church girl, I was just glad to see you! missed you in class! LOL

((HUGS)) oh and even though you didn't ask me... I can't help you on the sticky post.

D... said...

What a fantabulistic idea to just add the 4 & 9 together for the candles. I'll have to steal that idea. ;)

Sounds like John had a wonderful birthday celebration. :)

And your hair? Not a thing wrong with it!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday to John! Your cake looks wonderful!!! :)

To do a sticky post just go into edit your post and click on the post options button at the bottom. Then you should see the time and day listed there. You can change it to any day and time that you wish. If that doesn't help you just let me know and I'll look at how I did it to make sure that I'm doing it right as I'm going from memory right now.

Oh...I don't know if you have sent me your address yet or not. I'm not on my computer right now so I can't check. But I don't think that you did. Just email me at kimmorrow at and I'll get your prize off to you.

And there is nothing wrong with your hair!

Cat said...

Oh and by the way, I entered your contest. Go find it! LOL

pinks & blues girls said...

Those are some happy looking faces posing with the cake! I guess you did good, Stacey!!

Hope you're feeling better now... and your hair looks cute in that picture!!

Jane, P&B Girls

Misty Dawn said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos! What an absolutely fantabulistic family you have!!! I hope John had a fantabulistic birthday ;-) You are such a hoot - I love your posts!

Cheryl said...

Looks like you had a great time as a family. The photos are priceless--especially the "baking soda" face and the bottom photo of your guys. They all beg for a story to be told!

Funky Art Queen said...

Happy Birthday to you..Cake looks good. Such a fun family you are!
Hugs to you and yours!

Funky Art Queen said...

and what's a sticky? I hate it if I don't know some new thing!@ Tell me tell me! PLEASE