Aug 4, 2007

My First Ever Giveaway!

The Jamee Forever CD
Yess! Finally went through the posts and pulled some of the more memorable ones. Hard to play favorites, but I think I plucked out a combination of good stuff:
Alone Again (Naturally) ~Gilbert O'Sullivan (July 18)

At Seventeen ~Janis Ian (June 3)

Brother Louie ~Hot Chocolate (June 26)

Crazy Train ~Ozzy Osbourne (July 12)

Cruel Summer ~Banarama (July 6)

Don't You Want Me ~The Human League (June 12)

Drive ~The Cars (July 30)

Everybody Hurts ~R.E.M. (July 24)

Five O'Clock World ~The Vogues (May 30)

Friday I'm In Love ~The Cure (June 1)

Jet Airliner ~Steve Miller Band (July 26)

Keep It Comin Love ~KC and The Sunshine Band (Aug 2)

Lovin' Every Minute Of It ~Loverboy (July 22)

Man In The Mirror ~Michael Jackson (July 24)

Stand By Your Man ~Tammy Wynette (June 21)

Sunglasses At Night ~Corey Hart (June 7)

(Theme From) The Monkees ~The Monkees (July 17)

White Trash Beautiful ~ Everlast (June 17)

There you have it---the dates in the parenthesis are the post dates when the songs appeared. Sharon, I put the last one in there especially for you! I'm going to print a custom CD label with headshots from the blog ( is THAT good). What, you might be asking, do you have to do to enter this rockin giveaway?

Simple....You have to comment me, then find a good way to use the word fantabulistic then hyperlink that word back here. Not done---take it up another level. You cannot mention in your post WHY you used the word. No. It would be too easy to blame me for that, you're on your own. How easy is that? I'll start you off: I'm very glad you've read this far, I hope you plan on entering, because this CD rocks in a fantabulistic Stacey-minded sort of way!

Keep posting until....hmmm...let's say August 14, 8 pm. And there will be not one, not two. Nope, let's not even do three or four...I'm going for broke, doing it right--five winners (so please five of y'all at least enter, pretty please..)!


punkthepump said...

that songs are really awsome :)
Also thx for visiting my page hope to see ya :)

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

fantabulistic? That's a toughie, but I think I can do it.

BTW todays song rocks!!

Girl Gone Wild said... listen to me BFF. I'm going to enter this little contest you're having and you're going to get your socks blowen off by my usage of prepared to send me one of those CD's.

edb said...


Giveaways are a fantabulistic idea to see if anyone reads your writings...however, hyperlinking and color-coded text are for experts and beyond me.

I just think and write.

Cat said...

I am going to get me one of those fantabulistic CDs (even if I have to just come over and burn a copy!)

Sharon said...

Just leave you a comment and find a way to use the word fantabulistic without mentioning why? Ha! No problem! Course it will have to wait until my fantabulistic parade appearance as Princess D Clown tomorrow (just wanted to get a little practice in) The songs are great btw

Katja from said...

Sorry girls - I'm determined to win this one, don't even bother attending. Really. I want the CD. It even has the Brother Louie, my all time fav.

I'm all fantabulistically linked already and everything

- and I added another giveaway for you ladies, and it really is for ladies, not kids' stuff this time!!

:) Katja

Katja from said...

Just realized... Wrong Brother Louie.. Mine is of course the Modern Talking version.

Still love the CD though :)

Funky Art Queen said...

OK I'm in, i want to win that cd. I hope i did what I was supposed to do to get entered. I will keep on trying!!!

Bubba's Sis said...

I have GOT to have that fantabulistic CD! Check my blog for my most excellent usage of the word fantabulistic, properly hyperlinked right back to this post. :-)

You rock, girl!

D... said...

Check my fantabulistic post linked right back to you! I hope you pick me for the fantabulous give away!! I heart it :)

Tammy Duplessie said...

What a fantastic way to keep your sisters memory alive. I have a sister, (I actually have 3), who is 18 months older than me and she is my best friend. I don't know what I would do without her.

pinks & blues girls said...

I used it in my latest post! Now I want to win one of those CDs!!

Jane, P&B Girls

Cheryl said...

I just finished a post and the word fit in fantabulistically! Pick me, pick me!