Aug 7, 2007

Cody Will Dive For His School This Year!

UPDATE: Nooooooooooo Murmur. Not that I wanted him to have one, but are you KIDDING me? So one office needs to boot their receptionist, another their doctor. Then I'll have a nice little thing going on. :) *Cody---made it to dive practice with time to spare.

And he tells me this yesterday. My heart leaps with joy, I love watching that boy dive. All smiles, I say "Great! When does practice start?"

"Oh, today. And I need a sports physical before the coach will let me dive."
No words needed here I'm sure. We all know it's a cinch to get into the doctor on an hour's notice! So I call the doctor's office. She politely tells me no there isn't anything for over a week, not even with another doctor, not even with a nurse practitioner.

Discouraged, but not done, I pick up the yellow pages and find a walk-in clinic that will take him in the morning. Go....get right in. John calls me and tells me he called our doctor and they got him an appointment for the next afternoon! No way! I'm a bit suspicious they have given preferential treatment to my husband. But don't dwell too much on it and I tell him to cancel because I've found something sooner.

This is too easy. Yeah, it is. He detected a little heart murmur, sent us to see our primary doctor. Back to square one. I'm not worried about the heart murmur, I know it's fine, these are very common. I still treat it seriously, but read on it and it's not a big deal.
So....back home, I call. Tell the receptionist about our pickle. She says no, there is nothing at all available. Not even with the other doctors. Not even the nurse practitioner. I....hang up the phone and hang my head. I know Cody has to get in so many practice hours before the meet or he can't dive it. Just then, John calls. He says he called our doctor again, gives me not one, not two, not three, no FOUR different time choices for tomorrow. Drop jaw here. No. Way. This did NOT just happen. (best raised eyebrow look below:)
I am absolutely stunned that the 'man' can get the appointment, but the 'mom' cannot. I told John after angry rant that he will probably need to take Cody. It's not best if I show up with an attitude--I have an appointment next week and seriously don't want to wait in the waiting room more than an hour! Further, I wonder how many of the many many times I've been turned away were actually because the receptionist was hoping to keep time slots available for a man!
PS--thanks, Kelly, for letting me rant on the phone for over an hour today. It's good to have a friend like you to let loose on. Very. Now, hope you didn't have anything good to say because I pretty much dominated today!


D... said...

Congrats to Cody! That is such a fantabulistic honor!!

But, how frustrating about the dr's appt. Why is it that men get all the respect? Sigh.

And, yes, heart murmurs are very common. He'll be just fine.

JaniceNW said...

Sexism is alive and well in the doctor's office. I'd be steamed. Great on the diving team! Bad Cody on the last minute notification. Typical male teen.

Take a deeeeeeeeeeeep breath and remember that receptionist needs no Chriistmas card this year!!! LOL.

kailani said...

I can't believe that they did that to you. Even worse, they gave your husband the appointment times knowing that he'd tell you about it. What's up with that?

On a brighter note, Congratulations to Cody!

Donna said...

That would be reason enough for me to change doctors! I do believe I'd have to tell the doctor about it next time I was there, too.

Simone ( Exercising for comments) said...

I can't believe that still happens.

Congrats to your son.

Simone ( Exercising for comments) said...

I can't believe that still happens.

Congrats to your son.

Girl Gone Wild said...

Yeah, those stinkin' receptionists get a little power happy don't they?

I wouldn't be too worried about the heat and SDC. 90% of it is under trees and the water rides, attractions keep things really cooled down. WWater will be a nightmare! Lots of water but no room to get in the water...too many people.

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Ugh... insert growl! I can't stand a receptionist that makes you have the run around!
So... was the "man" happy all night that he got it!?
I love that he dives... please keep posting photos of that!! Jane used to dive every summer on a team and she had such a blast - of course, my mom and I could cringe that she may hit the board!
- Audrey
Pinks & BLues Girls

Bubba's Sis said...

What exactly did he say to the receptionist to get those appointments?? I would be steaming, too - and Hubby would be gloating. That's even worse.

Hooray for Diving Cody, tho! Woo hoo!!! That's FANTABULISTIC!

Sharon said...

Congrats to Cody! That is wonderful news (about the diving, not the heart murmur.

Unbelievable about the receptionist turning you down and then finding multiple time slots for your husband! Guess that means my hubby will be making all future doctor appointments in our household.

Cat said...

Oh man, I would of been steaming also! I think I would go just so I could sit and GLARE at the receptionist, maybe even ask her how the heck he got in for Hubbby and not you. I would need answers! LOL

Hope you are well, Miss you girl!!
what time does Alex get home?

Misty Dawn said...

Its a good thing that it's not like that for us because my husband NEVER makes any of his own phone calls! I'd be livid though, and I'd be just like you - probably better that I don't go to the appointment or I may not be able to bite my tongue!

Congratulations to Cody!

Kim said...

How wonderful that Cody gets to dive. That's one of my favorite sports to watch during the summer.

How dare they treat you like that. I would (and have) talked to the doctor about those kinds of things. It's amazing what telling the doctor will do for those receptionists. They don't like hearing that they treated their patients that way.

You make sure to keep us all updated on his appt.

Cat said...

Great News!!! I would ask that other doctor for your money back! what a quack!

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Oh no she di'idn't! (going for my best "sass" hand motion here)!

That receptionist needs a good talking to! What is it with the preferential treatment given to men (oh yeah, that's right - it's been going on for years and years and years. Women's suffrage, Susan B. Anthony and all that jazz).

Ugh. Well, I've read your update now, so I'm glad that Cody is fine and can start practice.

So, GO CODY!! Can't wait to see the pictures of him getting his dive on!

Jane, P&B Girls

D... said...

Great news about the heart murmur. Whew!!

You are more than welcome to be Ty's adoptive parent if the need should arise. He IS a big baby tho. And I have a feeling your family is quite a bit like my family. :D

Girl Gone Wild said... online???

Katja from said...

This is just ten points right here:

"Further, I wonder how many of the many many times I've been turned away were actually because the receptionist was hoping to keep time slots available for a man!"

You said it! My husband doesn't understand why I have him calling the appointments!

Dawn - Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

OoooooOOoh, I'd be steamed too. Glad he's ok, though!

Have a great time this weekend :)

Kim said...

Yippee! Glad to hear that there was nothing wrong. I too can't wait to see pictures.

mcewen said...

Newbie visiting from 'an island life.'
That's certainly the kind of thing that sets my blood boiling.
Best wishes

Girl Gone Wild said...

Hey...where's your throwback thursday? Where was your wordless wednesday? You act like your getting ready for a trip or something?!?!

Katja from said...

Yah! That's great news (no murmur)!
I'm glad for y'all! (I'm practicing if we move to Texas).


kelly said...

First, thank God no murmur. It's common, but...

Second, Go Cody!!! That's great.

Third, you are welcome. I don't mind you rantng sometimes.

Fourth, I have a date tonight. Be prepared for a phone call around 8 from Krug Park!

Fifth, do you want me to come down there and shake that receptionist around the office a little bit? I cannot believe John could call right back and get an appointment. You know, I can do a smack down. Trailer Park Kelly still exists--just keep her tied down and heavily medicated until she's needed! Ha!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to say that men receive preferential treatment because, well men are better. Put your monitor down, I�m only kidding. However, isn�t it wonderful that you were able to get the appointment, get your sons sports physical taken care of, get your son to practice with time to spare, all because the MAN got it done. And did I read in any of these posts a "well done MAN" or "way to go dad". No just how sad it is that the woman didn't get the same respect as the man did. Look it was a WOMAN who did not show you the same respect. Not one, but two different women. If I were you I would start demanding that women give other women the same level of respect that they give men.

Just something to think about!


The Appointment Maker.

PS I too am glad your son is going to be okay. I can't wait to see him dive.

Stacey said...

Johnny, aren't you supposed to be teaching a class on something something something computers? If you're not, then maybe you (The Appointment Maker) might want to consider mowing your lawn. Or cleaning the garage or something manly.