Jul 3, 2007

Wayyy Above Reproach....


I have removed the big long Hillary speech, I don't want my good blogging friends staring into space as some have indicated (GiGi, Cat....), lol. I want them to return later in the week for picture time! So if you want to yawn and read, you can just go onto her site!

Give me a break cough cough (Roger Clinton) cough cough (Whitewater cast) cough, cough

(Marc Rich) cough....sorry about that, I had a hippocrite, I mean a frog stuck in my throat. I'm a little slow here, but I STILL don't get it...I mean, Ms. Plame was shown not to be a covered agent, right? Shaking my head at this outrage, Hillary, I don't know how you rant with a straight face. Honestly! So did you really say "No regard whatsoever" when referring to the law and President Bush? You tell him! Right after you turn around and tell you-know-hubby. Go head. I'll wait.........

Commute, Hillary, not a pardon.....pardon means it goes away (your brother did his job well, eh?). Commute means Mr. Libby will still be on probation, still pay a hefty fine. And STILL I'm not clear on what went down, but if it made you feel better, then okie dokie, roger (clinton) dodger (insert pun)!

I think a nice little visit to your malt shop with hubby is in order. Take a deep breath, it'll be okay....there is NOTHING a big old plate of onion rings and a brand new pair of saddle shoes cannot fix!

(To all my dear blogger friends who don't do politics or don't agree, it's okay. I still adore you. But every here and again I can't help it, it almost types itself! I'm still me, Stacey. Still Rockin Girl Blogger
in the free world. So filled with gratitude that I get to! )

Oh yeah, Top Momma still.....find one of the 500 buttons I've pasted around this blog, somewhere, then click me!


Anonymous said...

beautiful and smart. i'm the lucky one.

secret blogger fan.

pinks & blues girls said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that "anonymous" is Mr. Stacey. Am I right? :) Too cute!

Anyway... OK, I do agree with Hill in that Bush going easy (or easiER) on Scooter was a mistake.

However, I couldn't help but think about all the people who Bill pardoned as he was leaving office (or the other "indiscretions" he made)... I mean, let he among us without sin be the first to condemn, right?

I wish ALL politicians would keep their mouths shut!

And you know I love and respect you and your opinions, Stacey! :)

Jane, P&B Girls

Sharon said...

Had to pop on over from my blog to see what you had you riled up tonight! That's one of the things I enjoy about your blog :D If I get egged or tp'd, well so be it. See that's one of the great things about blogging - no one has to read what you write if they don't want to and if they don't agree, well isn't it great to live in a country where free speech is protected!

PinksandBluesGirls said...

Haha, how funny that we were blogging on each others blogs at the same time! Talk about synergy!

It really is great that we can share our opinions about all issues with each other in this type of forum, and even open each other's minds.

I love my blogging buddies! :)

Have a fantastic holiday! Is your doggy OK with the noise? My pups were a little scared of the fireworks display going on tonight, but they're cool now that it's over! :)

Jane, P&B Girls

eagle wild said...

Thanks for visiting my blog ... that's how I found you.
Anyways - Hillary is that quintessential politico who jumps at every opportunity to grab the limelight without thinking - just like jumping into a pool regardless of whether there are rocks or water. One of these instances was when she lambasted Fred Thomson's comments about Cuban immigrants. Fred Thomson shot back: folks will twist your words in exchange for a day's headline.

Girl Gone Wild said...

Oh my lord...political jargan...uhm...at a lose for words...too deep.

Wish I was as smart as you Ms Gidge. I just start staring off into space cause I don't get politics too well. Aren't they all just doing and saying the same things as each other then telling everyone else that the other guy is wrong?? Sounds like religion to me! (OH don't get me started there!)

Cat said...

YOu go right ahead and type away GF, I am right here still reading. But I have to agree with GiGi, I started staring off into space also! LOL

But I love ya and you are still a Rockin Girl Blogger!
So keep it up GF!!!

Miss you! still having a good time here in Florida though!

Anonymous said...

You are such a good blogger friend doing what you can to prevent your readers from staring off into space! ;)

I agree, a big ole plate of onion rings, not those healthy carrot chips, would go towards fixing a lot.

Katkat said...

I was at my a family gathering the other day all (Dem's by the way) and I said joking with a straight face that I was voting for Hill. I have never made 20 grown people shut up so fast. LOL
I must of missed something being away but what does the 'rockin blogger girl' button mean? I have seen them alot today.

Girl Gone Wild said...

Gidget...! I now know how much you love us! You are too good a friend. It's snapped me right back into reality. Rock on!!