Jul 6, 2007

Need a nice red tee? Well, then head over to Pilot John's and enter this contest, because not only is he giving away this red tee, but he's also willing to trade out for a white one if you'd rather (I do look better in white!). (He's a cutie, Cat, you might want to enter this one too!)The shirt reads 'remove before flight' because you strap your airplanes down with these little red straps while it's not in flight...keeps it on the ground I'm sure. I hate when I forget to remove the straps from my airplane, so the shirt will be a handy reminder for when I'm headin out on the fly! But ladies, remove the straps, NOT the shirt, although I personally think this is a mixed message here.

I'm supposed to review his site, so here it is: Pilot John has a nice pilot person site and if nothing else, girlfriend, maybe peek at his photo, idk. (That's kinda creepy, in a 39ish mommy kind of way, isn't it?)

Hey Gigi--you say uncle yet? I have to talk politics and bathing suits next week, but I can do this all weekend long.


Cat said...

Okay GF I went and checked it out. I was a bit confused on that one though. LOL

wassup today girl?

MO Treatman Family said...

Great to meet you. Thanks for checking out my blog. Yes, we're in MO. We moved here last spring after being in CA for 10 years. I was "the misplaced midwesterners" roommate our freshmen year in college. Of course she moved right after we moved here. You'd think I hadn't taken a shower or something.
Check our my pics from last weeks camping trip. It was a lot of fun. I'll check soon.

tegdirb92 said...

I nominated you for the schmoozer award!! Go here on my blog to grab your badge:

You deserve it!! :)

Girl Gone Wild said...

ok...I'm checking this guys blog out thinking, "where the hey-hoo is she finding these things at?!?!" Then I see the comment from The Prize Blog dot Com. You sneaky little devil.

...uncle is not in my vocabulary... :-)