Jul 24, 2007

Dog Days & Cat

Going to be in and out for a few days--have some church & family obligations, but that doesn't mean I can't post--I can! (just might be slowwww, idk)

Today....I slept in, sort of. Well it was another late work night, but such a nice thing to know I can sleep in. Most of our summer I've been up at the usual 'school year time', but with swim team over for the summer, I get to do this for a few weeks.

I'm only stopping in for a sec, I'm taking Alex to piano lessons then housework. If there's time to blog before typing, not gonna lie, I'll be over entering the contests in the Dog Days Of Summer contest-a-looza. I've probably entered eight already, yet with sooo many to choose from and more added, I have more work to do! Ooooh! Maybe my lucky tee from Pilot John will arrive today and for sure I'll win something if I'm entering contests wearing that! I need the extra help, my friend GiGi is probably entering herself in all of them even a I type this! Cat, we can't let this happen! We have to for an alliance and enter all of them too! Can you IMAGINE the taunting posts GiGi will torture us with if she wins? Yeah. Me, too; and I don't know if I want to chance it. I figure if we show a united front, we can uppp our chances, fine tune our vibe, win win WIN! (And then...we share with our good friend Gigi.)


pinks & blues girls said...

How nice that you would share with Gigi! So generous of you. :)

Cute picture of you and Cat!

Glad you got to sleep in a bit! Enjoy it for the few weeks until school starts!

Jane, P&B Girls

Girl Gone Wild said...

I knew you were a softey!!! And you're right, I've entered like 25 of these things! Only 300 more to go!

With the comments you've been getting lately, I'll bet John's a happy boy....

D... said...

You are such a kind and generous friend! Good luck with your contest entering. :D

Kim said...

I have too been entering away. I started last night when I first found it. I did a few more today then thought to myself...hey self, you have some things that you could give away!

I was getting my post ready and was about to link to her then *poof* I can't get on her site.

Is anyone else having a problem??? I only have until 9am tomorrow morning to join in.

Cat said...

Oh No you Didn't! lol

where were we in this pic? I forget!

Sharon said...

Oh be still my heart - are you and Cat standing in a fabric store!?!

Looks like I better get over to that site and get busy entering some contests as I have some serious competition. And I *need* to win a blog makeover!

Kim said...

I was able to get it up and running again! Boy are my fingers getting tired from entering all of those!

Oh...I have mine up now. ;)

aka_Meritt said...

I'd recognize that crazy blond chick anywhere!