Jul 22, 2007

Here's My Weekend---Now Tell Me About YOURS!

What. A. Weekend! Friday, John and I decided an impromptu date to Chipotle was in order (we ate outside, it was soooo nice!). But before we go, we need to take pictures: I must seriously love you guys by now, because NOBODY looks good at this angle, yet I still share, because John is a riot here!: The lady inside Chipotle eating by the widow was giggling, she probably thinks we're just dating because neither of us wears our wedding rings. It's a silly story really; John never would get his resized from when he outgrew his. So....last year, in protest, I took mine off. That and I lost two prongs, so I don't want to lose the diamond. He didn't notice for months--until I finally told him! Eh, maybe for our anniversary in January we'll get it done, but honestly I'm getting used to having naked fingers. We both know we're married.

John's parents spent Saturday night with us then went to church this morning. They live in Warsaw, about an hour and a half away.
See how excited I am? Note Niki looks so entertained she can hardly control her exhuberance? (yeah, it's a Saturday night) See how nobody even notices I'm taking a head shot while they eat?!
The night was complete when my beautiful niece and her husband zoomed in to say hello to us and their grandparents. My daughter idolizes this particular cousin. And the motorcycle just makes it better! Here they are posing (click it to enlarge it):
Didn't take long before Niki had us talked into a ride. My niece fixes her up with the jacket and helmet. Needless to say, Niki is beside herself! I mean VERY exicted about it. My niece is quite thorough on the equip and safety rules--love watching them together, she's the closest thing Niki has to a big sister. Honestly I know I should worry but I don't--my neph-in-law is pretty amazing, I trust him. John and I both know he wouldn't do anything to put her in danger. (But Deb, he told me about the first ride he took your daughter on, and oh wow. You need to take away his cake next time he's over for dinner!)

So to top off the weekend, John and I took Alex to our neighborhood pool this evening. Cody 'happened' to be up there with friends. I did my combination pike/flop into the 6'. At the expense of my thighs--that really hurt! Rode John like a dolphin. Three times. Cody's friends loved it...why can't Cody agree we're funny too? Yeah, don't have pictures of that part; even I have my limitations, lol!

Alrighty--want to hear about you you you now! What did you do this weekend? I know my friend over at Funky Art Queen (I affectionately dub FAQ) has been working hard, you seriously need to check out her artistic side---and then scroll down and see her kiss, lol!


Bubba's Sis said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Nothing too exciting here - we had dinner at my Mom and Dad's house Saturday night - Navy Son even joined us because it was his last night here - we had BBQ ribs and sausage, baked beans, and fresh corn on the cob!! Mmmmm MMM! Bookworm Daughter got the new Harry Potter book and read it and read it until she finished it this morning!

Today we went to see the Harry Potter movie with the USO Family (very well done!) and then we all grabbed a bite to eat at Cheddar's before the girls had to be at their Bible study group. More big thunderstorms here today. I'm seriously thinking about that ark....

Terence Chang said...

Hahah ..

Not much about my weekend. I took my wife and in-laws to swap meet in Phoenix Arizona.

I was looking for something that can be brilliant business idea. I guess I found something. ;-)

I love your smile. You seem to like your left face? Just curious!

Anonymous said...

I just started reading you blog, can't remember how I linked to you, but you CRACK me up!!! We had a fun time at a local burger joint tonight filled with pictures of our hubbys putting straws up their noses, GREAT pics:)) I was laughing so long I got a soar throat! I love laughing which is why I married such a goof ball! Again thanks for your fun blog

Dawn said...

LOL well, I wrote about part of my weekend, which I cannot recount here but it sounds like you had a great weekend. You're both so photogenic too! I love to look a pics of people having fun, and you definitely look like you're having fun together :)

Girl Gone Wild said...

Ah....how sweet of you to show a no-no picture so everyone can see just how crazy John is! I think most of us know just how nuts he has to be to put up with you, Ms. HeadShot.

Now listen, here...those vacation spots were mostly pre-children...my oldest is 7...you do the math. Now days it's Silver Dollar City and Celebration City. As a matter of fact we went to CC on Saturday. Had a lot of fun.

Cat said...

Okay Okay, I will post something! Geesh!

Sounds like you had a great family weekend! I Loved your in-laws! was great to meet them!

Hmm is that the Neice and Nephew that live in Raymore? I will be looking out for that Motorcycle if it is. LOL

Lovely pics as usual my Dear GF!

D... said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. I love how your family didn't bat an eye (or put down a fork) as you were taking your headshot. FUN!

Nothing too wild & crazy here. It's hard to when it's non-stop rain. Dear hubby bought the new Harry Potter book when he got off work for daughter & me. So we read. Sunday, we went to see the Harry Potter movie & go to dinner with the Bubba's Sis family.

Now, the sun is out for who knows how long. I should get off here and go catch some Vitamin D while I can! ;)

Stacey said...

Hey Shorty, thanks so much for the kind words! I tried to find a link back to you and couldn't, hope you read this. And hope you keep coming around! Had an uncle named Shorty, but he wasn't short. I'm not sure why he was Shorty come to think of it! xo

Kim said...

Let's see here. What did I do this weekend. Oh yeah, I relaxed as much as I can. I haven't blogged about it yet, maybe later today, but my parents were in town this past week to see Sam play baseball. Hubby left on a trip last Wednesday morning and came back at 10:30pm on Saturday. So after being at home alone and having a full house I was dog tired. I wonder where that saying came from. Anyway....more about last week later.

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Stop back by later.

Oh...see you now know the Treatman Family. Did you link to her off of my site? Just curious as she was my college room mate and good friend.

Misty Dawn said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend! You and the hubby seem to have a great relationship!

By the way, I've noticed that you don't have a Bon Jovi blinkie yet, even though I sent you the link. hmmmmmm

Hubby and I love to ride motorcycle too - but we are Harley people.

Hope your week goes as wonderfully as your weekend!

amy said...

New here but I love it! What a fun blog!!

Debbie said...

We didn't do anything special over the weekend, but we are going today to see the new Die Hard movie, then out to Red Bones restaurant. Great food, good Blues music.

Upcoming events, hubby's band will be performing, that's always fun.

His band will be opening for Confederate Railroad in September, looking forward to that.

It's just a hobby, not his day job.

Your pictures are great. We used to ride motorcycles, but not any more.

kailani said...

You two are such a fun loving couple! It's so great!

pinks & blues girls said...

Fun weekend! I love you and your hubby!

Steve doesn't wear a wedding ring either... never has. He has a thing about getting it stuck on his finger.

But like you said, we know we're married, and I can honestly say that he is the most committed husband I can imagine!

Anyway... our weekend was pretty good. Yard sale, then a clam bake, then I ran a 5.5 mile race, then hung out with friends yesterday. And played with the doggies, of course!!

Jane, P&B Girls

Jenny said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I love to have family stay the night but things are usually too wild here and my fam opts for the local motel! lol!

Special K ~Toni said...

I enjoyed hearing about your weekend- much better than mine! Thanks for visiting my blog!

D... said...

Thanks, Stacey! You don't need to not sleep tonight. All I need is some apple pie. ;)

Sharon said...

Well if you're gonna kiss John for a comment maybe I better leave more than one comment :-)
Looks like you had a fun weekend! We had a fun weekend too - cleaning and grocery shopping - you know the stuff that really keeps the romance alive, LOL! Oh wait! We shopped at IKEA and put a new bookshelf and floating shelves in our living room - we're such a wild and crazy couple :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey SIL! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us! Your testimony of the love that you have for your husband is commendable! It is very evident how in love with him you are....even after all these years! My weekend included: sharing dinner with my daughter on Friday night (our husbands had a men's night out...they played Farkle at a friends house). Saturday--cleaned house, worked in the yard. Sunday--church then dinner at our house with family and friends (we had 13 guests!). After dinner we shared a personal prayer request with each other....a Sunday afternoon tradition with our family! Love you SIL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know what you mean by "link back to me"!hehe I don't have a blog if that is what you mean. I am working on our family website but that is not done yet. I have tried many a time to sign up for Blogger or Google but again, not so good at this stuff I guess!hehe I will be coming around because you make me laugh! Thanks again for your blog!
PS-I am short! :)

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Betty Jo said...

You truly enjoy life don't you? So do I! You would look adorable from any angle--never worry. You and John are such a cute couple. xoxo

Funky Art Queen said...

You and your husband are precious together in those date pics.

Cat said...

Well, look how popular you are becoming girlfriend! WOW!
I don't feel worthy anymore. :(

See you Tomorrow!!!


oh and give John a big old HUG and KISS from me! LOL