Jun 21, 2007

Stand By Your Man, Order Carrot Sticks

Oh for heaven's sake, Hillary, just give him the onion rings!

I won't post the YouTube video (for you, Sharon!), but you can check it out here. Does she NOT just give you warm fuzzies, taking care of her man and all? And WHERE was costume? On vacation? Why wasn't Hillary donning a ponytail, poodle skirt and saddle shoes with a scarf tied around her slender neck? Why didn't Bill take off his letterman jacket and drape it around her shoulders before he sat down and slid in next to her....taking his place at his side of the malt? I'm going to call the Hillary campaign soon as I'm done here, clearly they need me!

I'm not too concerned yet...but should she get elected *ahhh!* and start handing me carrot sticks rather than onion rings, I'm gonna have to roll up the sleeves on my pink and white argyle with black trim cardigan sweater and get them my darned self--and make sure nobody messes with my order again!

That woman up there ^^.....she scares me a little, but I'm certain behind closed doors, she bakes a mean little cookie for her man ;-)

Don't like what you read? Go ahead, hit this...it'll make you feel better, promise (giggle)I'm a Top Mommma!


Sharon said...

Uh, YouTube vid? I must be the only person in the country who *hasn't* seen it. See? You could have linked to it and then I could have viewed it and *then* everyone in the country would have seen it. Now I gotta go...off to search You Tube.

Cat said...

Okay, I actually saw this one! LOL

girl.. you are slipping off the Topmomma site, I am gone now. But my body double is there! Have you checked her out? I swear it is my clone. FREAKY!!!

Stacey said...

yeah i know my run's almost coming to an end--this is sad.

you, me lunch today? somewhere i can afford? in l/s because i have a bucket of errands...but i can take an hour for you my friend. xo

Stacey said...

^^oops that's for Cat. I hate it when I do that!

Cat said...

Okay girl, I can take 2 hrs to visit with you. (1 to chat and 1 there and back!) LOL

what time?

Girl Gone Wild said...

Get out! I ate at BWW's today too! Didn't do the wrap though...I LOVE the asian zing boneless wings!!! YUM! So much for that Weight Loss Challange!

Guess what? Went to topmomma to click, found Cat gone (frown), clicked you and had a glitch which caused the button to be clicked 10 times in a row (went from 120 to 130 like THAT)!! Yeah, I know...you love me! ;-)