Jun 22, 2007

Quandry Defined, Quandry Confirmed

Go ahead and put your face up there! Just click it and do it:

I'm a Top Mommma!

I looked it up: Definition of quandary (noun)
dilemma; state of confusion

If you've been keeping up with the drudgery of my life for a week or two, you might remember my post about the Ruth Syndrome (the girl in h/s nobody talked to because she was poor and different).

I'm a woman of my word, I did email her. She then responded as soon as she could; we've since exchanged the getting caught up pleasantries. Then, after we'd done the whole my kids names and ages, hers, my husband's, hers, our jobs, theirs, I needed to beef it up a little. Step out there on the highwire of life and go for it--no safety net, just say it. I told her to please stop by next time she's up to visit her mom or sister. She tells me she'd love to, she and her hubby are Jehova's Witnesses and love talking to others. That should I have any questions in the meantime, feel free to ask.

Don't dog me yet, I'm not anti-JW...but I do firmly believe in the Trinity. Period. No ifs and or you-know-what's. Still not my issue. When what she wrote sank in, I had vivid flashbacks of the poor woman, children at her side, her back, in her arms, maybe in her hair, idk. She came to our door after school nearly every Friday for a year, hoping to enlighten me. She stood there for hours on end some days, flipping back and forth in her Bible, grabbing a stray kid from under her skirt, flashing me a knowing smile, back to the Bible for more Scripture. I, being 17 and in love on a Friday afternoon, was dying inside because I needed to get ready for my date night! I never had it in me to tell her I wasn't interested, didn't have the heart to tell her to not come back, so finally I just quit answering the door. I hated that....hated waiting, watching her hopeful expression turn sullen as her children stood all dressed up next to their mommy, hoping to get the chance to pet our dog Buttons.

No, I don't dis the JW's, nor any other faith and never will. At the same time, I'm a mustard seed kind of gal. It's not my place to argue Scripture, I don't have the power to know what another person's heart is, so I won't try. I know that should I get the opportunity, I am obligated to plant a mustard seed and be patient and prayerful. Water it if it needs watering. Tend to the weeds if asked. That's it. It'll grow. Doesn't need me standing over it talking to it all day long, it just will grow on its own.

So....Stacey-ism number one hundred something something something---of course she's a Jehova's Witness. Reavealed after the invite. Naturally.

*Still very glad I reached out and connected, wouldn't do that differently ever. Still pondering my quandry, but I know me, I'll stick with the plan and have them over for dinner. Wonder if they like onion rings..........


Cat said...

Umm Yeah, I get the same woman at my door at least once a month, thank goodness mine just wants to leave me the 2 latest little magazines to read. I don't have the heart to say No thank you. So I take them. I should tell her to stop though, I am sure it costs them money to print these things up!

Lunch was awesome girlfriend! Great to see and talk to you!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

For a while we had the JW's coming by every month or so. Very sweet ladies always impeccably dressed, but then we acquired a very large dog. A dog who didn't like sweet impeccably dressed ladies. He wasn't a biter or a growler but he was large and could have taken those little ladies out with one wag of his huge tail. They knew it too.

Anyway I'm sure your lunch will be fine. Definitely go with the onion rings :-)

Bubba's Sis said...

Or you could just not answer the door...