Jun 25, 2007

Monday Monday

I'm a Top Mommma!(barely...falling falling falling..click it and save me!!!!)

Happy Monday! Survived Cody off to camp the first night, but didn't do so well when he called and I when asked if he was getting homesick, said "uh, no Mom, being here is amazing!". Why does that sting a little? I had immediate visions of him, 18 years old, bags packed, University of Colorado hoodie on, getting into his car (it's a Mustang Cobra in my vision--black!) and blowing me kisses goodbye. And it's just not that far away! If any of my three kids go far away, it'll be Cody. And if he does, next to his happiness I'll pray for him to return to live nearby. I don't ever want to think of any of my kids going so far .

Looks good for Niki's new job--she's finally getting a few more hours, so hooray! Maybe she can put that hand back in her pocket where it belongs. She's become a very high maintenance little girl--whereEVER did she get it from?
Alex....easy. Give him a bowl of something to eat and pop in an Andy Griffith or Bewitched and watch his face light up...he's happy happy happy! He promises never to leave home, he's going to be an animal petter at the shelter and save enough money to buy a mansion that we can all live in together. Now that's one practical little redhead!

Get over to Pinks & Blues for the bling thing giveaway....all you need to do to enter is think of your favorite blog name and share it. If nothing else, it's a lot of fun to read. I think when I have a little time I'll click on a few and check them out myself.

Me, lots of typing today, but hopefully a lighter load the rest of the week. My bff Kelly is coming to town Thursday...again--gasp! Two visits in less than a month! She bought herself a nice new car, so she's all about zippin up and down that highway now, lol. Think I'll take her to our town's hole in the wall for a late birthday linner!


Funky Art Queen said...

Oh girl, I am so there with seeing my son off to college-sniff, sniff. He goes in less than two weeks (and it's a black truck with these fancy rims and tinted windows and a stereo that will blow your ear drums out). I pray that he will be ok and study hard and apply himself and maybe someday be so rich that he can buy mom and dad a cabin at the lake-heehee. I will miss my baby boy! Oh, we also call him "Chanman" cuz our last name is Chandler.

Cat said...

Good to hear you survived! I am doing okay, only I think I looked at that Camps website for photos and stuff all day long yesterday! Still nothing of our guys!!! I did listen the the live audio of lastnights deal with them though. LOL okay, I am missing him. He didn't call me last night so I was a bit bummed. But it was Late here when it finished. what time zone are they in?
WOW, you are getting a second visit from Kelly? You must be SPECIAL!
Missed Church sunday, eeeek. I am not going into detail of why. lol
I will be there for Wed. to make up for it. LOL even though Ethan and a few of the kids are gone, are they still doing youth for those that didn't go?
Okay, guess I should of emailed you instead.

pinks & blues girls said...

You are the epitome of a Top Momma, so we've got to keep you up there!

Glad Cody is having a good time. Don't worry, I am sure all your kids will end up living close to you when they're adults. You're too cool to live far from!

Alex is a boy after my own heart with the animal-lovoing!

And how beautiful is Niki!?

Have fun with Kelly!!

Jane, P&B Girls

kailani said...

I'm already a mess and it's only kindergarten for my daughter!