Jun 26, 2007

Benevolent Dreamer Coming Through!

Today is big housecleaning day (not big house to clean, big mess in regular house to clean). I've soo let my bedroom/office go to pot so that'll be my first stop. Checked out The Messies at the library. Again. I've done it before, forgot where I left off, so...

First, I run my work in, pick up more (sigh). I spent Monday typing, and at the library hunting down some home school resources. Got plenty of books and after pouring through a few of the more promising ones, got about nowhere!

How can I home school Alex, fourth grader that he will be, if I can't even figure out what a core package is, let alone what it's for?! And a week ago I was settled on BJU, now a 180 and I'm leaning Sonlight. Then Core 3 +4 or Core 4 part 1, Core apples and serve them with peanut butter.....WHAT??! I think it's a very exclusive club I am not in, the Home Schoolers Club of Mommies Who Know How to Order Curriculum with Confidence.

I'm going to make a final decision next week. Or the next. But for SURE the next week.

With that, I found this on Coffee Mom's blog I believe (see sidebar, I'm too lazy to hyperlink it). So rather than post a picture of me in my confused state of mind, here's a picture of my confused state of mind, lol!

It's my personality DNA, took a pretty intensive little test and not gonna lie, it pretty much nailed me! Check it out Right Here. I'm a dreamer it says. It mentions I dream up my ideas and thoughts but that old fear of failure holds me back...so no novel for me yet. I'm benevolent it says. I'm all about people, and I don't think I see anything wrong with that, so I'll keep benevelling!

Let me know if you take the test, I wanna see your DNA (especially if you test out as a psychotic flame-throwing troll worshiping recluse or something. It's good information to have on my end).


Bubba's Sis said...

I'm an Attentive Dreamer! Pretty spot-on, I think. Cool test!

Girl Gone Wild said...

I'm a Free-wheeling Leader. So basically that means I'm a Whacked-out Control Freak!!! Ok...well the whacked-out is right.

Cleaning house?! Ugh...I'm ignoring it this week so that I can freak out this weekend before my brother and his wife show up.

Love the new header!

Cat said...

Okay, this sounds like something I need to do.

and yes, I am talking about the Housecleaning! LOL

So how is Cody doing? I spoke to Matt yesterday, he sounds like he is having a good time.
I keep scouring that website for pictures of them. LOL

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

OMG! I did that DNA test too!! It nailed me... !! I making hubby take it too!!
Can I just say... we just love you blog... and comments - you are hilarious!!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls

Cat said...

I am a faithful Curator! it was pretty right on for me also!

brightflash said...

Come visit the Sonlight forums. There are plenty of us who would love to welcome you to the Home Schoolers Club of Mommies Who Know How to Order Curriculum with Confidence! Please don't feel excluded.