Jun 14, 2007

The Landscape is FINISHED! Check it out..

If you read the post back a few weeks, I put up the beginnings of our landscape effort--before we moved here there was nothing, it was kinda sad. So I told you I'd post the photos when we were finished with the entrance area slash courtyard? slash wedge by the sidewalk. Was feeling nagged to get to that recently, and boy am I ever glad I didn't. Apparently we hadn't put on the finishing touches and clearly it completes the essence (and adds that hint of white trash that some of our neighbors suspected anyway, lol!).

Enjoy, and if you see something you would like to copy from our yard (ie, the trampoline garland) feel free!
And....last night another swim meet, so I have to show a few Alex shots since I put up the Cody shots last week....he's a born fish that Alex!
If you look closely beyond Alex (I know, hard to see beyond the super-sonic breast stroking little Alex, but tear your eyes away a sec) you will see me in my very attractive Superman BTB Stingrays tee, walking along in official capacity. No zoning in on my humid hair, it wouldn't be very nice. They let me sit under that tent there and be a balloter (giggles). You read right, they allowed me to put a red pen to the times (more giggles) and of course, Alex got first place ALL night long...imagine that! Naw, I behaved, but it was oh so very hard to red pen a DQ on him when he didn't touch with two hands. TWICE!! Side note: we sometimes call him DQ head because he has a double crown which makes his hair meet on top like a little DQ ice cream cone, so I pretended that's what it meant.

Good news, there are several more meets, several more opportunities to see the Codeman and Alex-a-baby in action, but until then, I hope your day is blessed beyond belief, friends!

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pinks & blues girls said...

Beautiful garland!! Haha!! :)

Those swimming photos bring back SO MANY memories of swim meets from my childhood! I love that you're an official. What a great Mom you are!

And yes, you MUST break out some old photos for Throwback Thursday... I imagine you have some fun ones!

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

Cat said...

Wow, very good TP job they did huh? who on earth did that?

Aww look at Alex go! too cute! You look MAVELOUS is your supergirl shirt. or whatever it was. LOL

Missed you lastnight, I got sucked into going to the biblestudy since I was just waiting on the boys. I have to say, I actually might like it. I touches on a subject I need help in. LOL will talk to you later about that. LOL

Talk to you soon girlfriend!

Bubba's Sis said...

I love what you've done with the yard garland! Where can I get me some??

Girl Gone Wild said...

OMG...I'm about to admit just how stupid I am. When I read that you were a timer-person, I read it as - 'ball-o-ter' and I was like, "What the hey is that?!?!?" It took me typing it in the comments to see, "OH!!! ballot-er!!!" Duh!

Whoop there it is...!!

Funky Art Queen said...

First of all, Oh I love this song "whitetrash beautiful" never heard it. Now, where did you get that garland?!!!! Must have some of that dahling!!!

Cat said...

LOL @ Gi Gi!!!