Jun 11, 2007

Kelly Day Today

My friend Kelly is coming down today! Yay! I'm very excited! I usually go north to my hometown, so nobody comes my way, they don't have time to miss me before I come up again. I try and get up there every six weeks or so to visit the cemetery where my father and sister are. And of course Dunkin Donuts. When I begin to plan another day trip, I call Kelly first. We all have a Kelly in our lives, how would we ever do life without one? She's the friend I call when I need a listener. She listens and doesn't inadvertantly turn the conversation to what's happening to her. Unless it really is relative! She listens. Imagine that! And she thumps me on the head--all the time. I need those thumps, they wake me up.

These past few years I've been aware of how I listen. Because I know when I needed to sound off when I was hurting it hurt to suddenly find myself listening to them. I'm aware that when a friend calls to talk about a problem, they've entrusted me to HEAR them. There will be plenty of time down the road for reciprocation. It doesn't come naturally to me, it's a conscious effort.
Yes ....I'm happy my Kelly will be heading my way. We'll visit, thrift shop, thrift shop, thrift shop, visit, and dine. Guess it's a good thing she doesn't live too close--we'd never get anything done! Well thrift shopping...


Cat said...

Tell Kelly Hello for me, and you guys go and have a Great time. I know you invited me along, but I think you guys should just have YOUR time, without me. you can talk and listen to each other better that way.

I will get with you one day this week okay?
Love ya girl!
oh and remember to call me if you see something GREAT! lol

Cat said...

Don't sweat it girl, I am just sorry Chicken thrower threw such a fit!! I mean, gah, I didn't even taste the stuff on it. and believe me! I would of known. YUCK!!!

Bubba's Sis said...

Sounds like a great time! Aren't girlfriends *the best*?? Have fun!

Girl Gone Wild said...

Hope you guys had fun today. Did you find anything good while thrifting??