Jun 12, 2007

Tag I'm It!

Cat tagged me for this, it looks quite fun!

What were you doing 10 years ago?

We were living in Kansas City, still in our first home. Niki was seven, Cody five and Alex was less than two months old. Niki and Cody were in full baseball/softball mode (I miss those times) and life was pretty darned good.

I had my entire family still, didn't imagine then the devastation that was just five years ahead of me and wouldn't have believed it if you'd told me.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

Lived here in this home now, was doing data entry from home. We'd been at our church home for about seven years and don't remember what it's like not to be part of our amazing church family. Life, albeit still pretty good, is catching up with us--stress is knocking the wind out of us from time to time.

Five snacks you enjoy:

  1. Whipped yogurt with Keebler Snax Sticks
  2. Banana Smoothies
  3. Popcorn and Hot Tamales
  4. Fig Newtons and Tab
  5. Dove chocolate miniatures

Five Songs You Know All The Lyrics To:

  1. Goodbye Yellowbrick Road (Elton John)
  2. Songbird (Fleetwood Mac)
  3. Don't You Want Me? (The Human League)
  4. Empty Garden-Hey Hey Johnny (Elton John)
  5. Paradise (By The Dashboard Lights) (Meatloaf)

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

  1. Bring that nursing home I visit into the 21st century and triple the pay for all the GOOD staff memebers.
  2. Pay off all bills and update our home.
  3. Set up a great retirement plan (I quit my typing job in this scenario, too)
  4. Vacation at least three times a year.
  5. Give to my church all they needed to do the great things they do.

Five bad habits:

  1. Crossing my legs (bad for circulation).
  2. Drink far too much coffee.
  3. Drink far too much soda.
  4. Updating my blog on the fly.
  5. Keep thinking everyone "gets" me, so I think I'm funny and to some, beleive it or not, I'm not funny!

Five Things You Would Never Wear Again:

  1. I'm with Cat on that, no two piece bathing suit.
  2. Madonna gloves with the fingers cut off (why did I do that?).
  3. Miniskirts.
  4. Turquoise blue eyeshadow.
  5. My hair blonde (it turned red, really).
  6. Short curly hair (again, why did I try that?).

Five favorite toys:

  1. My computer when I'm not using it for work.
  2. My sewing machine.
  3. My serger.
  4. That's it, I don't have any other toys...I guess I take myself too seriously!
  5. No, really, I don't own many things that I'd consider fun or "mine".

I'm going to pick some tags this afternoon--I think I'm going to try something different and tag five people I hardly know at all, see what happens. Besides, if I knew people well I wouldn't want to read their answers as much as a stranger. That's right, see if they still come visit me anymore! Me, I think they will...

I am tagging the following because I've found their blogs (thus them) very interesting! So it'd be nice to know a little more...

Bubba's Sis

No Diet Coke For Mommy

Donna-Just Me

Funky Art Queen


Note to my five:

Now y'all do know that if you don't do the meme with one eye shut, your hand in a pail of ice water and two pairs of stockings on your lap then something very bad may or may not happen............................


Cat said...

Very good job!!!!

Hmmm we have alot of the same bad habits, I just didn't list all mine! LOL
Oh and I think I GET you! lol I got you pegged!

so ummmm you get me? cuz I have no clue myself!
Love ya girlfriend!

Girl Gone Wild said...

You like popcorn and tamale's TOGETHER?? GAG!

What is a serger? I'm curious...

Girl Gone Wild said...

Ok...so knew I was a little slow this morning, but geez!

The CANDY Hot Tamales...I LOVE THOSE! I SO get the popcorn and candy thing. Sorry about that...

We went on a spontaneous camping trip Sunday...it was a nightmare and I'm still recouping.

tegdirb92 said...

I would love to participate in this meme...I'll sit down later and do it. Thanks for thinking of me :)

Donna said...

Well, I lucked out, because I was tagged for this one last week and did it then. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


Bubba's Sis said...

Me, too! Already done it! :-)


Bubba's Sis said...

Oh shit - I forgot the stockings!

Sharon said...

Uh, oh. I did the Madonna gloves with fingers cut off too...but I was old enough to know better. If you're as funny in person as you are on you're blog, you're right...I *don't* believe that people don't "get" you! Glad I found your blog as I enjoy reading it. (Just can't do it at work in case I laugh out loud.)

Katkat said...

Cool!LOL I'll put mime up soon. Did you get my addy? I sent it again.I need yours. I have a great gift and i need to send it by saturday because I go out of town for 2 weeks. Yippy!

donna.case@insightbb.com said...

Do you do any sewing for hire? Please e-mail me & I will tell you what I am wanting.