May 2, 2007

We overslept....again!

Good morning! Sort of....this wasn't great start morning. It all started last night when John called from school (he teaches at a college in the evenings a few nights a week) and told me he had a flat tire. So....he insisted on taking it in this morning and waiting himself rather than trade with either Niki or myself. I understand the Niki thing, her car is pretty low and the windows are tinted heavily. Even I felt silly driving it to the DMV last year to get tags and drop it off at school so she could drive her "new" car home, lol. It takes a lot these days for me to feel rediculous, so you can imagine how "teenage" looking this car really is!

This dreary, rainy morning might have gone fairly smoothly, but nobody's alarm "worked". So we jumped out for a running start. I hate it when that happens. John drove Cody to school, the bus was already driving by as he woke. Niki goes to IT class in the morning, so she starts later and was able to get ready on time, thank goodness. When we have days like this more and more frequently, I know the end of the school year must be near! So I conclude the end of school is near!

I've got some great ideas in my head I want to post about, but I'll wait a bit until I have time to do them right--this is a quickie. It's Wednesday, so I'm off to the nursing home for our visit. Then my friend Cat is going to be in my neighborhood, so we are definitely going to do lunch! Pictures will follow if and only if I can get this rainy day hair to cooperate. After lunch, we hit the fabric store in search of some MU and KU fabric because she (bless her sweet heart) told her neighbor about the bibs and burp cloths and if I can get this fabric, I have a sale! Hooray!

This afternoon I have got to work and get those sewn because I'll see her again at church for our Wednesday dinner/youth thing (we're not youths but we are allowed to eat dinner with them!). I'd like to have them finished for her by then.
Tomorrow more crazy housework and party planning--Alex's big slumber party, his first, is Friday. And I know God welcomes prayer of all magnitudes, so if you think about it Friday, pray that this goes well. Alex is so hopeful all his friends have fun and want to spend the night with him again and again. So as his mommy, I'm praying for success because it means so much to him.

I leave you with pictures of John, he's my Hero Husband who would do just about anything for his family. No scratch that, he would do ANYthing for us, he's proven that 10000 times. He definitely goes without so that we do not. Not many men will drive an old Contour with no extras all these years and not care about it. I beg him about every other month now to get a new car, we can swing it, but he keeps thinking there'll be something else we need more.

I know I'm not unique when it comes to amazing husbands, but I still have to sing his praises to my friends! And throw up a thank you to God for him from time to time as well. xoxo

August 2006

We've been known to throw up the deuces. John's brother Jeff, neph Bobby and of course, John


kimberly sherrod said...

he's a keeper! My husband also is very giving and will go without to provide for us! You guys are so cute together! Sounds like you had a rough day! Keep your chin up and give it to God and it will all be ok. Lost is on tonight- something to look forward too! Yee Haw!

Cat said...

Aww you have a good guy too! We got lucky girl!!!