May 2, 2007

Gidget (That's me) Cat, Hot Flashes vs Spaghetti Straps!

I am so thankful for God's wisdom--He directed me towards MOG and Cat found my profile. He knew we'd become fast friends. And despite having many amazing friends, sometimes it's nice to have just one a lot like ourselves. Sorry, Cat, for that, but you are a lot like me. Only lighter coloring and better hair.

So with that said, y'all are in for a picture treat (yeah yeah what's new Stacey). I met the Cat for lunch and some shopping, then at church for dinner!

We dined in her town for lunch (exactly 18 minutes away). We went to Jose Peppers, which surprised me. I didn't know this little dink of a town even had a restaurant!From there, off to Hancock Fabrics, again in her little town! Get on! I didn't even know they had paved roads, so this was jaw dropping! I needed to find that MU/KU fabric (no luck) and ended up leaving with a bunch of chenille. I'll show you what I got later. While at the cutting counter, a seering hot flash came on. All I wanted to do was RIP my jean jacket off and run outside into the rain for sweet relief. But alas I couldn't! I will melt from the inside out before I show myself in spaghetti straps! I've got a lot of lifting to do before I do that. It passed, we asked the cashier to take pictures and we were off!
t looks a little like I'm holding Cat hostage here, but I promise I'm not.

It was nearly time for the kids to get out of school, so we went to our corners and rested....but not for long. Thankfully my son's friend called a little before five because my kids were in their rooms while I was laid face down across the bed dead asleep! And I needed to get to the nursing home to pick up Myla, one of the residents who can travel with me to take her to our church's Wednesday night dinner. I was a tad late, but not much! This is Myla:
And of course Cat was there as well--her son Matt is in the youth group so she and Brandon came along and ate.

Now by this time I'm still having a grand time, but when I more closely examine these pictures, I think Cat could be afraid of me, idk! While waiting on said kids, we hopped over to WalMart for culture and to see if they had the fabric. And to get bananas, yogurt and strawberries for smoothies. While waiting in line, we checked out tankinis. Cat liked the pink version of the mod circles--I told her I fancied the blue. And made mention that we should get MATCHING SUITS for our cave trip in June and that we should find one for our MOG friend GiGi too! We're having a meetup with other Missouri MOG moms. She didn't say anything. Pretty sure she's just picturing the vogue-ness of us in matching tankinis....Cat, you still wanna go, right? Because there are these tops at Kohls..... xoxo ~Gidget


Cat said...

ROFLMBO!!!!!! You are cracking me up! Those are hilarious! and as for still going on the cave trip with our matching tankinis? YOU KNOW IT!!! Did you mention KOHL'S??

Girl Gone Wild said...

Oh my lord...OH MY LORD!!! you are a nut case!!! I can't wait till you guys come this way! - GiGi