May 1, 2007

Birthday Dinner at Applebees

I hope I'm not beating the birthday thing into the ground here, but this was too funny not to share with y'all. We decided on Applebees for Alex's birthday dinner last night because his sister, Niki, works there. Niki was beside herself with excitement that 1) we were there and 2) she got to lead the birthday shout out for her brother.

After we'd finished our meals, it was time. Keep in mind, Alex turned 10 yesterday, then check this out, Niki is the one speaking here (her first time announcing, btw):

Huh? Did she just tell the restaurant her brother was eight?

Well, nonetheless, he enjoyed his shake and still had room for Lime Jell-O Cake as well! Niki, on the other hand, had a harder time shaking it off. And being Mom of the Year, I'll bring it up for days to come! :) Naw, I won't. Just having it on video is good.


Cat said...

lol too funny! um yeah, I doubt Greg would know his brothers actual ages if he was put on the spot either! LOL

that cake looks awfully good! got any left????