May 18, 2007

Seven Sins of Stacey

My very first TAG! I'm feeling a lot like a third-grader who got picked first to play Red Rover. My friend GiGi over at Girl Gone Wild tagged me with some thinking to do.

1. L*ust - Well, I'm with GiGi, I still think my Johnny has it going on--he's one of those men who look even better year after year. Now if I were going to lust after someone I cannot have, gotta stay true to Jon Bon Jovi --the old one, the Shot Through The Heart one. Purely fictional, of course.

2. Gluttony - I'm a glutton for Tab; if I'm not careful, I could drink a six pack a day. Being that it's harder and harder to find, I ration myself more these days, swinging from Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke with Lime to Tab. However, if I had my druthers, Tab all day long!
3. Greed - Some would say I'm a bit greedy with my wardrobe. I'm inclined to agree these days. When John and I were first married, I stayed home and our budget was very tight. For years I went without much in that department--we all did. Sometimes I tend to go overboard, but not too much.

4. Sloth - That'd be me after the alarm goes off. Nuff said.

5. Wrath - Oh my goodness....I could write a book! But staying here in the present, I'm going with drivers who drive too close behind me (and I'm not a slow driver), then whip around and get in front of me only to make a TURN the very next block. I'm no longer flying birds, but I've got no qualms laying on the horn.

6. Envy - I envy young mothers today; they have such excitement for the future before them, as if ANYthing is possible. Time hasn't gotten away from them.

7. Pride - I take pride in who I've become--only by the grace of God. The old Stacey and the now Stacey are miles apart, even in the past five years. I hope one day they will be thousands of miles apart. Now I see humor in most circumstances and express that, I have learned to forgive when I am wronged and do not wallow in it, and I am quite happy with the life I am fortunate enough to be part of.

Now I know I'm supposed to TAG others, this is very very hard. I haven't been blogging long enough to know anyone other than GiGi and Cat well enough to tag fearlessly. But....and I'll tag in hopes they still visit me despite it all! If nothing, you're reading this far and want to treat yourself to amazing eye candy, click on their blogs.

Kim at CalamityKim (she is multi-talented--I adore her sewing creations most)
Betty Jo at DigiScribbles (designer of some of the prettiest scrapbook pages I've ever seen)


call*me*kate said...

Hi Stacey!

Fun to get to know you with this interesting post! Sorry I messed up the Iceland thing. But I'm so glad you won, enjoy your prize. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll visit again.


Girl Gone Wild said...

Tab, huh? ...well, I guess we all have our issues! hee, hee.