May 17, 2007

No Way!

I can finally say I am a winner!! That's right, me, who never ever wins EVER, put my name in Coffee Mom's quilt give-away and I actually get to keep it! Not only is that astonishing in itself, but the quilt is beautiful! I'll post pictures as soon as I get it...and thanks, Kathleen.

Okay, so this is my official Friday post a little early in light of that exciting news I couldn't hold! And...while I'm at it, a few HAPPY BIRTHDAYS:

Happy birthday to Jamee's son, my very amazing nephew, Max!


Happy birthday to my very handsome brother-in-law, Jeff (you can pay me for that in quarters, ok?)!

And finally, happy birthday to my friend Cat's husband, Jeff--we'll see you at the BBQ Bash! I don't have a picture---yet, so here is Cat:



Girl Gone Wild said...

Scum bags!!! Please take me with you! I DREAD garage sales and mine is this Saturday....

Oh well, you guys have fun and take lots of pics!

I can't believe you won a contest! What is the secret? I'm dyin' here.

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I'm going to send the quilt out on Tuesday. We have a long weekend coming up so the PO isn't open Monday. You can send your addy to

La Tea Dah said...

Wow, you won a quilt today? Totally awesome! That is so neat!

:) LaTeaDah

Girl Gone Wild said...

Oh yeah, on the cave dates. Since that's Father's Day w/e, I'll probably only be able to go on the 15th (Friday). Will that work for you guys? or do you guys have plans too?

pinks & blues girls said...

Congrats on your win!!! And Happy Birthday to all!

Happy Friday!!

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls