May 4, 2007

Ninjas In the School Bathroom, Popcorn Machines and Slumber Party Time! Oh, Bathtime For Louie!

Friday off to a running halt! Why of course this is the day Alex is having his first slumber party, I have much to accomplish as well gather the snacks for our church women's group movie (I can't be there :( ) . The nursing home I visit owns a popcorn machine, so here in a few I'm going to run over there and load it in, haul it to church and set it up. I'm pretty excited we get to use it!

So as I was straightening my hair this morning, I went down the long long mental list of to-dos for the day when Alex came in. To tell me that "oh, by the way you need to sign my think sheet." (I hear in my head that sound that records make when you stop them with your hand, wish I could insert here for you).
Calm down, this is his first think sheet in his school career, be thankful for this. So I asked what he did, not what happened, there's a difference.

"Me and Bobby (* not his real name) got into trouble for wrestling in the bathroom".

"Huh? So you weren't fighting, you were playing? You're still friends, Bobby ist still coming here tonight?"

"Yes, sorry Mom" he whispers so quietly I could barely hear it. Looks up at me with big teary blue eyes that could probably have gotten him a candybar before school if he knew to ask! Must not let on, I must be a strong mommy and let him know there will be a consequence. If I don't, now a think sheet, then a bail bond!
"Okay...well let's understand this. First, we will talk later about why you chose to tell me now and not last night. I know why, but we'll talk about why you shouldn't have waited later."


"So Alex, help me understand what happened here. You and Bobby were in the bathroom, you did your business, stopped, looked at each other and thought 'hey--this is a great place to wrestle, let's pretend we're powerful Ninjas and fight it out?' "

(This is where The Ballroom Blitz started playing in my head)

Enough said, I knew he got my point because he had to stifle a giggle at that visual playing in his mind. I am his mother, after all, he gets my points fairly quickly.

And me? I'm just so very glad it was shower night last night! We'll talk tomorrow about a consequence....not for the wrestling, knowing him, the horror of being caught was enough. But for waiting to spill it. I think he needs to give Louie his bath!

Off....running here, running there, then cleaning this, cleaning that! Hope your weekend is very blessed. xoxo


Cat said...

EWWWWW in the bathroom? yuck!!

can't wait to see you guys tonight. Brandon is EXCITED!!

allhisblessings said...

Awww, the kitty is so cute...looks like my daughter's cat when he was a kitten. How old is your Bassett Hound? Is he stubborn? I ask since we have a dog that is 1/2 dachshund and 1/2 bassett.

allhisblessings said...

I forgot to say our dog is VERY stubborn and that is why I was asking about your bassett hound. (sorry, I don't know how to edit my 1st post)