May 6, 2007

Chenille, Cats, Dick and Jane---My Fabric Show-and-Tell!

I promised fabric and I am here to deliver! Actually I like this stuff so much I can't stand it, so I'm all about looking at it a few more times. This first fabric is the package I got in the mail last week from Z&S Fabric--I wish you could see it better (sorry). I finally got a few pieces of the Dick and Jane line and I've got so many things I want to do with them I can't think straight! I'm open to anything, so long as it's fun. There's something about getting fabric in the mail from Z&S that I just LOVE--it's always folded so neatly, stacked up perfectly and tied with a fabric bow. The next set is the stuff I bought at Hancock with my friend Cat last week--I'd been eyeing the cats (no pun intended, really) online but couldn't get the companion piece; so it was kind of exciting to walk in, see it and snatch it up! Is that weird?

Finally my chinelle--is this gorgeous? Even moreso when I tell you I got it at 40% off $12.99/yard. So seven something or other, idk. I wish I'd purchased more yardage of the white and off-white, but there'll be other sales. I'm going to work up some little girl things with this pink chenille--I'd love to see what a little dress looks like with it, so sure something will be popping up soon enough. Next week looks fairly okay; the slumber party is behind us. I'll put up pictures and a few highlights Tuesday, but I wanted to show off my fabric. Besides, I really need to be in the right mood to discuss Friday into Saturday--the boy that threw up from the sofa up the stairs and all over the walls. And tonight, I'm pretty drained from it all! I will say Alexander had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute of his party, so in that light, I'm a happy mommy. xoxo


Thanks, Cat, for reminding me! I did indeed finish a project this weekend, albeit very small. I made it for a friend of Cat's who was attending an MU vs KU baby shower, lol. I used a bit of the white chinelle with it, very wisely I think. I was going to use black flannel but it just wouldn't have been very baby-ish had I done that.


Cat said...

I will have to find a picture of Emma Grace in her Chenille outfit! I know Heather has posted a bunch of her in it.

Hope you are finall) rested up from Friday Night, I am sure this rain isn't helping much either. UGH.

P.S. The bib and burp cloth were a Big Hit! KU is deffinstly requested, so I will be keeping my eyes open for that fabric.