May 14, 2007

High Tea, Coach Purses and the Zoo

Murphy needs to go visit someone else now! I guess I could spend some time telling you all about the good stuff--the very well done mother-daughter tea at my MIL's church,the very thoughtful gifts my children got me, the amazing service at church (I'll tell you later), the great steak my Johnny grilled, the trip to the zoo with Alex, and the cookies Nicole made for me last night (she's young, she doesn't know I shouldn't have a cookie at night--I did anyway!). That would be a fairly boring post, so I think I'll hone in on the other stuff.

Following church and our steak linner or dinch, whichever you prefer, we received a phone call from our credit card company. Seems someone has ordered over $540 from Coach online not once, not even twice, no, not three times, but FOUR times in two days! Can you believe that?! There were a few other things and John will go through our statement for several months back to be sure it's correct (lesson to be learned here!). While I'm exceedingly grateful the company caught this and we will not be held responsible, and the party using the card will not be receiving their 'spensive Coach purses or whatever in the mail, I am dismayed that now John is quite aware I recently spent over $80 in fabric that I didn't need and can't justify. Thanks, John, for not saying it.

Getting over our dismay, we decided we should hit the zoo--I'm a zoo nut so it just made sense. Nicole had to work and Cody just doesn't hang with us like that, so Alex was the only one game for the trip. It was hot, very hot. And crowded. Very crowded. Apparently the draw of free ice cream to all mothers is too much to resist and families will line up 40 to 50 people deep to get it! At the zoo on a hot, crowded weekend is not where one should don capris in lieu of shorts and black top in lieu of white! Nor should one wear longer, dark hair down. Hope I've saved some of you through my demonstration--if so, then it was worth the sacrifice! Can you see smoke coming off my head in the pic below? Maybe not, maybe the sweat dripping from my widow's peak to my toes put out the fire.
I've been up since 5:15 this morning. Our Basset Hound, Louie, decided he needed to use the facilities. He's already roused John at 3:30 and here he is again! I got up, hooked him on the chain (we don't have our new yard fenced yet) and went back inside to watch the news. Louie always barks after he is finished, signaling his readiness to come inside. After about 20 or 30 minutes, I began to wonder about him. Looking out into the just beginning to light up yard, he wasn't there. A little farther down, I spotted him in a neighbor's yard--must not have hooked him in my not-awake yet state!
Consider briefly letting him go--after all that's how we came to adopt the fella, maybe someone else deserves a turn. Think of his eyes, how we would miss them. Ahhhh shoot! Nothing to do but run for it before he got away. Closing my eyes and praying I didn't step in doo, I sprinted across the yard (gosh, did we need a bigger yard?!) and into the neighbors. Lunging at dear Louie as he trotted along in oblivion, he startled (he's about 90% deaf) but he knew the gig was up, rolling over to his side. Managing to finally raise the German Shepherd sized dog on 3" legs, I took him by the collar and pulled him home, praying praying praying nobody was up yet and that NOBODY saw a thing. If I find out otherwise, I will die. Oh yes, and from here on out, I will sleep in a bra, because darnnit--these things happen. And I probably would be a more Impala-like sprinter without my arms across my chest, idk. Finishing off, John is home with a massive headache brought on by muscle tension. We helped a friend of ours from church move her daughter into her home and only three of us were able to come. So....John took the brunt of hauling heavy furniture downstairs and his muscles tightened up in his sleep. I decided why not give him a massage, that'll help! Ooops--he's super sunburned from mowing, the zoo and the moving. Sorry, hon. I type he's snoring contentedly behind me. But still, believe it or not, it was a good weekend!

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Cat said...

Wow, so glad the credit card company caught this! wowzer!
I can't believe I missed the service. I wanna hear all about it.
Hope John feels better soon! he sounds like Jeff, always helping others out! We are so Lucky!
Sounds like we both had "SUPER AWESOME" Mothers Days. LOL but with these wonderful kids, So Worth Every second!

talk soon!

pinks & blues girls said...

Oh my gosh, what an eventful weekend!! How terrible about your credit card info getting used by someone else, but thankfully the credit card company caught it. i was laughing so hard about your hubby findinig out by default about your $80 purchase - that's exactly the type of thing I'd be focusing on trying to keep from my husband, too!!

I'm glad you were able to keep your sanity and sense of humor amidst all of the chaos! Loved this post!

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

La Tea Dah said...

What a lovely Mother's Day you had! A high tea too? Wow, so cool!

You just keep visiting my blog --- and I'll keep visiting yours. :) One of these days we'll learn how to set a table. I'm serious --- I was kicking myself last week. I went to tea with a friend and couldn't figure out 'what' the fork above the plate was for. Time to get my meal management textbook out again. By now it's as old as the hills! LOL!

Have a happy week!

Girl Gone Wild said...

Ok, so I'm really sad for you about your Murphey issues, but I can't seem to get past the fact that YOU HAVE CAMEL'S AT YOUR ZOO!!! And you get to ride those sweaty, hot, stinkin' animals!! NOT FAIR! The highlight at our zoo is a farting Hippo. She's a fine lady.