May 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Jeff

If ever I've been to a better cookout than this, I don't remember it! It was Cat's husband, Jeff's birthday on Friday, so we celebrated with a cookout on Saturday and Jeff did all the cooking! I think we ate all day long, starting around three and working well past dark. Cat and I lounged around most of that time, soaking up a little sun. I'll never catch up to her, but I worked at it! Our feast included steak, smoked salmon, stuffed mushrooms, bacon wrapped jalapenos, feta stuffed peppers, asparaus and a bunch of other stuff!

We rolled out of there following the poke cake and a song, lol. More importantly, we just had a great day visiting and laughing . :) The younger boys braved the pool--it's always exciting to get into the pool that first time in the season, so Alex was thrilled.

Today's church service included MORE food--we had a lasagne dinner during the sermon! We're focusing on the colors of ministry, finding our gifts. Just like last time I took the test, mine focused mainly on artistic and mercy. Still trying to find my "thing" with the artistic part. The mercy part, well I think that goes hand in hand with the nursing home visits I do.

Following that, Niki and I headed over to a graduation party for---yes, yes, more food! However....I behaved there. I didn't have a lot of choice, after all there was NO room left, lol. Okay, with that, I'm off to Savannah today--going to meet some friends, introduce Cat to them, and visit the mommy of a dear friend of ours who died in a car crash in 91. I've always maintained good contact with her, it somehow keeps me close to my friend. I leave you with the guys, Cat's Jeff on the right, my Johnny on the bottom.


Carol said...

Hey great photos...thanks for sharing them...and looks like you guys had a great time...and well birthdays are always special days for all of us and filled with a lot of fun...thanks for sharing this it was great reading through this!!!!

Girl Gone Wild said...

Oh, you guys looked like you had a ball. Glad it was so fun. Girl, you WERE busy! Hope you get a chance to relax this week.

Cat said...

Hey you were supposed to email me some of those pics! to post on my blog! I am not moving very fast today. Hubby snored ALL NIGHT LONG!