May 21, 2007


My trip to St. Joe/Savannah yesterday was good! Nellie, my late friend's mother, still has the ability to make a group of girls roll with laughter. There was always that ONE mom, remember? The one who enjoyed having a house full of goofy pre-teen/teenaged girls in the house. That's Nellie. I could try and try all day to describe her personality, but I don't think I'd give her the justice she deserves. It's clear her grandchildren feel the same about her, they drop in round the clock.

Cat went along with me this time (thanks girl). We stopped at the cemetery in St. Joseph where Jamee, Dad, and Grandma are buried. I had some little markers I wanted to leave for Memorial Day and knew I wouldn't make it back for Memorial Day.

On that same road, we headed West a mile or so and dum da da dah! Goodness, Dunkin Donuts is RIGHT there, it would almost be rude NOT to stop in! I get DD every time I'm in town--we can't get them in Kansas City.

Cat, Kelly, Me (they hit it off--I know this because they teamed up to tease me all night!)

Swung back down "the Belt" and picked Kelly up, headed north and in 15 minutes were were at Nellie's in Savannah! Oh gosh I always loved her home, she was the mom we all wished we had and NOTHING has changed. Her wit is unmatched, not exaggerating here. I'm still giggling at some of the things that popped into her head. If I had to define amazing, loving and witty in one word--Nellie. I met my Nellie's granddaughter, Linda's daughter. She is beautiful and oh my goodness she has the bubbly personality Linda had.

My bff, Tracy, joined us briefly at Nellie's and the cemetery--her son had his first t-ball game and she couldn't miss that--what mother would?! But I'm so glad she got to come, that Cat was able to meet her.

We drove to the cemetery where we visited Linda's grave. It took my breath away, seeing her name on the headstone. I doubt one ever gets used to seeing loved ones' names on stones, especially long before we're ready. Again, can't show emotion here because if I did, Nellie would break and Lord knows she's done almost more than she can bear--I don't want to cause her anymore pain on this day. This is a mom who loves her children fiercely and losing Linda to a car accident (almost 16 years ago) has driven her to her knees. I pray I never know that devastation.

Here we are, left to right me, Nellie, Tracy, Kelly (Cat is shooting). Or.....and this just now came to me, I'm slow.....Stacey, Nellie, Tracy, Kelly. Now say that all at once. Funny! Guess I don't need much to entertain me, lol. We're looking directly into the evening sun, so it was an awkward shot!

Minus Tracy, we dined at The Pizza Shoppe down on the square. As we dropped everyone off, I was grateful for Cat's company that night. I get a twinge of separation anxiety when I exit back onto the highway, headed towards the city. I don't wanna leave--I miss my home town and I envy all my friends who weren't dumb like me. I just KNEW I was a city girl (ha!).

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Cat said...

OMG! take that pic of me ordering donuts down NOW! I so look like I need those dang things huh? wow, we need to get our diets rolling NOW!

I had a Great time!!! I would love to take you down memory lane in Lenexa, sometime, but there isn't anyone to visit there anymore. at least nobody I have spoken to in YEARS. I loved your small town, I would love to live there too. (that is sort of how Slidell in Louisiana was. SEE why I miss it so much?)

Cat said...

HeHe thanks girlfriend, Oh and I took that one down of us a few days ago when you asked! first I added others to take off the blog. but I did go back and put private so only I can look at it. LOL
Love ya girl!

get on aims!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I haven't been to a Dunkin Donuts in years, we don't have them here! I loved the pic of the donuts, especially the strawberry kreme. Yum!
Your quilt is going out tomorrow. In the package is a little chocolate treat for you too. Actually I threw in 3 incase you wanted to share or have a stash of your own! It's something yummy that you can't get in the US!

Girl Gone Wild said...

Chocolate treat is coming your way?!?!? REmember your promise to me about winning chocolate? A piece with a bite in it....friend. Buddy...friend...friend?

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Love the pictures! Glad you ladies had such a nice time. There are Dunkin' Donuts literally everywhere you turn around here (it's headquarterd about an hour away), so I'm never not near one!!

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls