May 7, 2007

My Son's Slumber Party/List of Truisms, Including Steamers, Better Water Bottles and Burnt Pizza

I had written up a big long entry about my little Alexander's birthday slumber party and then having gotten the whole thing out of my system, decided you don't really want to read all the nitty gritty stuff. You may be contemplating a sleepover of your own. If I can come up with some truisms, it's the right thing to do. It's all about mental preparedness, and Murphy will be sleeping over as well.If the pizza in the oven smells like it's burning but doesn't look it, go with your nose not your eyes--you didn't look under the pan.

Burnt pizza smell kinda lingers around long into the night.

When deciding to do a scavenger hunt, smile and wave to the old man who lives behind you...he didn't know it was you when he interracted with the children. And maybe he was right....he has better things to do with his time.

Remember to check with husband...isn't it time to open up the sprinkler system for the season? And don't the neighbors behind us usually entertain on Sunday afternooons? Gosh I hope the timer doesn't go off as we are driving away one Sunday afternoon........

Your child is capable of behaving and being a gracious host (yeah!).

Have a plan for the inevitable: there will be that one child in the group that three other children have to sleep next to.

That child may not be the birthday boy---be ready to shoot consoling looks your son's way. Pray his little heart doesn't hurt.

Have a plan for dibs on the couch too.

Have enough water bottles with little pop-up tops, the kids are probably right--it's better water.

Be prepared to act when awaking to The Sound.

The Sound will rarely come from your own child, throwing up from the couch (yes, he won couch dibs), across room, up stairs, on the walls and into bathroom.

Children throwing up in the night will hit every step.

It's hard to hug the boy who did this--it's running down his nose and all over his legs.....but it's absolutely necessary. Because this night someone else's child, next maybe yours.

Assure mom that the carpet is hardly affected, no big deal, just hope her little boy feels better.

Probably should go ahead and buy steam solution the day before party; that should save hubbie 4 am run to Wal Mart.

While waiting for husband to get back, spray Lysol around pushing away thoughts like: how long will it be before you get sick yourself--or worse, your child. Or worse yet--EVERYone else's child. And woah! It is easier to make out skittles and sour worms than popcorn and the 'good water'.

After dropping into bed be ready to wake at 7:30 because there's always one boy who needs to leave by 8:00 for space camp.

If you wake one boy up, you wake them all--yet they will sleep through roaring steamer in the wee hours of the morning!

Once you've had your full hour and a half of sleep, that'll be enough. You've had plenty of rest, missy.

Prepare mentally to smile and not mention the time when said parent of ' sorry, he must leave no later than 8:00' kid's dad shows at 8:40. Smile, say thank you, smile smile smile.

Honey, you're smiling because it's involuntarily pasted on by now.

Finally, and this is the a for sure truism, when all children have departed, the look on your child's face really does make most of the party worth it. Sort of.

Still smiling? You've run the race, you completed your mission and you say you'll never ever do this again. Until that adorable little face wins over.


Cat said...

Yes, I Knew there was a good reason why I never have more than 2 other boys spend the night. EWWWW that sound is one of my worst Nightmares!!!

Betty Jo said...

Does this ever bring back memories of when my boys were little and still at home! Happy Birthday to your little guy. xoxo

Girl Gone Wild said...

Oh My Lord, Gidget!! That's horrible. And that's exactly why OldMan hasn't had a sleep over...yet. I know it's going to have to happen. ...sigh...

Pinks & Blues said...

OMG! This completely is preparing me for sleepovers (aka. sleepless) nights with my boys! How funny to read this and feel like I am glimpsing into the future! Thanks for stopping by our blog - and the photo of the cat for WW is precious!!
Have a great night,

La Tea Dah said...

Looks like a very fun party! Aren't boys cool?