Apr 30, 2007


It's my baby's birthday--it's not easy knowing my last one is a double digit now. We forget what time exactly he was born (sometime in the afternoon--hey, he's the third child, didn't you read that post last week?). He was our biggest by a few ounces, 9 pounds 11 oz (Niki came in at 9'8"). He came into our family several years younger than his brother and sister, so he's been held and loved and kissed often by all of us as you can imagine.

Alex has picked up a lot of nicknames over his little lifetime (see above). We call him Birdie most often because when we asked his brother Cody what he thought we should name him, he figured Big Bird would be fine. He was five, so that was his world! Could have been Barney, wheww!
This morning he was up earlier than usual, a little more silly than usual (proof he's mine). Tonight John took off from teaching so he could have dinner, open presents and eat cake (lime Jell-O) with us. I think Niki has to work, so maybe I can talk him into dining at Applebees so she can sing to him, too!
Here's my 10 year old, ready for school

Here he is at two months--poor guy had the chicken pox, it was very sad to see him so miserable and not be able to fix it for him.
And a few months later--a little more of that red hair coming in--it's kind of strawberry blond now. He gets it from his grandfather, John's dad. (Hi, Dad)This is my Johnny--no reason he's in here, I just thought he looked particularly handsome this morning, lol!


Cat said...

Awww Happy Birthday Alex!!!!! he is too cute! Okay, you need to spill what he likes and what he is into. Cuz when I asked Brandon what we should get him for his Birthday, he said, I have no idea what he likes mom. so you pick it out. LOL


Take to you later girl friend!
Oh and nothing got done today, I got called in to work the book fair from 12-2, ended up staying till 3:30! UGH, and I have to leave here at 5:30 for my meeting in Overland Park.

Girl Gone Wild said...

Gidget! Your boy's too cute! I don't think I know a single person with as many nicknames as him!

(BTW...Fire in the Hole is my childhood memory favorite also. Too bad that OldMan hated it! He loved Powder Keg though...go figure!)

--GiGi (hee, hee...cracks me up)

La Tea Dah said...

LOL! Stacey, you are right! I've had my fair share of guy-parties. Generally, as long as you have pizza, pop, and video games --- you can't go wrong!

:) LaTeaDah

SingForHim said...

Happy birthday Alex! Looks like he had a great time! BTW, your daughter's beautiful, too. I have three girls, my oldest is 6, so I've got a few years till prom. Please tell me the teen years aren't as horrible as everyone says they'll be!