Apr 29, 2007

Prom was yesterday--my daughter and her boyfriend decided they didn't want to go (I'm kind of sad about that) but they went out for a night on The Plaza. And because I'm a picture person, you know I have pictures for you, lol :
Yeah, she's a little silly with the camera sometimes...hmmm...where would she have learned that? Maybe next year prom, who knows, sigh. She had a good time, ate duck for the first time, so I guess that's something?!


allhisblessings said...

Your daughter is a very beautiful young lady!

I remember my prom night, vaguely LOL. It was just so long ago! I remember all the hype put into that "special" night and it was over in a flash!

Cat said...

Awww she looks awesome! she is too cute and sassy like you!!!

yeah, I put in maybe 30 minutes at my prom LOL.

Maybe next year she will go!

Girl Gone Wild said...

Wow...that look in the 2nd picture looks so much like you!!! Very pretty.

Went to 1 prom and hated it...never went to another one!