Apr 27, 2007

They're here! What you've held your breath and waited 24 hours to see, my youngest, Alex, at his school's carnival! :)

Garage sale went great yesterday....not so much today ($20). I'm happy, though, looks as though the boy will get his new mattress! I think I will open the doors tomorrow, Saturdays are always good days. I promised my children any of them who wishes to man the sale and help pack up the leftovers may keep 1/2 of tomorrow's profits. So hope tomorrow yields more than today, eh.

So...I closed early, did a little housework, looked over 1/8 of the home school curriculum catalogues I suddenly own and decided to go to one of my favorite thrift stores. Saw my lovely niece Angela, so right away it was good.

But I think I'm tired. As I was checking out, I eyed a twin mattress/box spring set and actually dickered with TWO of the clerks there to try and get them to bring the price down--I figured it was nearly new and I could save money on Cody's new bed, give away the extra box spring and the world would spin with a little skip for the rest of the day. Thankfully they wouldn't bargain. Ummmm....helllloooooo--I'm needing to up size to a full and get RID of the twin. Oh my goodness how tired I must be! Well not now, I took a nap. All is well, I'm off to work the food at the school carnival. Which we all know means I'm off to eat nachos, drink Coke and talk and talk and talk!

Pictures, don't worry, they're coming!


Cat said...

NACHOS??? man, I missed out!

LOL sounds like you were tired yesterday! Girl, I am going to this Thrift store with you someday!

Talk to you soon!

Cat said...

Aww the pics of Alex are Great! looks like he had fun!!