Apr 12, 2007

Okay, I fibbed, I do have something on my mind today. I wasn't going to dive into an issue like this, I really do want my blog to be a lot less serious than real life is....mostly great things that happen, people I adore and love, and things I find and create. And as I was mopping the kitchen floor, thinking about this life I've been entrusted with, this life that's been both cruel beyond my darkest imagination and filled with more wonderful things than I ever could desire, I knew the only reason I'm able to share my life with you is because I am free to speak what's on my mind. And you're free to skip onto another blog if you do not like what you read, see or hear (but I hope you stay).

It's been news the past several days, been beaten into the ground pretty persistently, but here goes. It seems nobody really "likes" Don Imus, myself included. I think he's about as exciting as mopping that kitchen floor, and my being conservative on most issues, I more often than not disagree with him. Also I believe he messed up BIG TIME when he made the idiotic, small minded statement on his show. I'm for sure not about to wage a battle for this man's future, could care less really, he will not starve.

However, I tune into just about every news station and hear the same two men constantly throwing stones from within glass house confines; showing Imus absolutely no grace whatsoever. It doesn't matter to them that he has humbly admitted his error and has all but begged for forgiveness. An apology which I'm compelled to believe is sincere; who am I to say otherwise?

But hey, these two men have led the "triumphant" attack on Don Imus so intensely and so swiftly that he was ultimately fired today from his television show. His future in radio is still a wait-and-see fate as I write. Makes no difference to me, I didn't watch his show anyway. Truthfully, I'm very glad to see him go, should have happened long ago, these college basketball players would have been spared this hurt from Mr. Imus. This has been his modes operands for as long as I can remember. It's the hypocrisy of the lead players that bothers me today.

I think it's obvious where I'm going ....when these men needed grace, it was allowed. Everyone that's stuck with me this far in already knows all there is to know about Tawana Brawley and Hymie town, so I won't be a repetitive force (if by chance you do not, Google). Oh, there are other moral questions that follow their reputations, yet to be honest, it didn't matter to me, it's not been my job to pass moral judgement. Any of my close friends will tell you I'd best not even try going there!

Yet I am pretty worked up and disturbed that today, a double standard of right and wrong, moral and immoral, has been incorporated. And said double standard runs right down the center line, separating the races in this amazingly wonderful country we live in. Friend, because it is amazing and wonderful, I can be heard, so can you, and evidently, so can the voice of selective judgement, mainstream media style. Snoop Dog issued his statement on this day as well, not EVEN going to repeat that for you, it's not appropriate.

Divisive tactics like this are never going to be the answer to ultimately solving this age old dilemma we have here. And for my money, it also undermines the intolerance of true racial injustices that happen in everyday life, to everyday people.

In the end, I hope I haven't offended anyone, but as I get older and hopefully wiser, I've become one who isn't likely to stand down when something isn't right. I'm big on honestly saying what I believe is right, hopefully not in a way that's unfair or insulting. If I don't speak up, then I believe I'm no better than those who perpetuate wrongs, I came to that realization several years ago. But.. that's a blog for another day. Maybe.

No relationship here, promise!


Cat said...

wow there is a striking resemblance. NOT!
Girl, you said it perfectly! I agree!

Hope your day was good, mine went EH!

Take care!