Apr 13, 2007

Update 4:30
Much better now---just needed a day to rest. (Hey Wissa Miles, thanks for calling! Missing you!)

It's 1:30 and I'm just stepping out of the shower today! I'm not feeling so well, running a slight temp. Pretty sure by the pressure behind my ears, there's something going on there! This morning, my amazing hubby got Alex up, fed, dressed and driven to school so I didn't have to. I subsequently slept until 11:00. I know by reading some of your blogs that isn't unusual to have such thoughtful husbands, and what a blessing to our lives they are.

Driving over to Mary Margaret's, a consignment shop in Lee's Summit, this afternoon to meet my daughter. She needs a dress for a wedding she's attending with her boyfriend, and she almost never wears dresses so we decided to get a consigned dress made more sense.

After that, need to get to the store and pick up my pattern and a coordinating fabric for the outfit my new customer ordered....hip hip hooray! I cannot wait to see how this turns out, the fabric she chose is grandious! Hoping to feel better and dine at Niki's Applebees tonight with that wonderful husband of mine...and pray you all find something to smile about over the weekend.

Oh, also, my husband said he was unable to post a comment on my blog....is anyone else having this issue? If you are, can you please email me and let me know, hopefully I'll find a way to fix that!

With that, I leave you--but not before asking that you please please click on the Heather button to your right. And pray for this beautiful soul, that she be completely healed from this awful tumor growing in her brain.


Cat said...

Aww thanks for posting the button for Heather, you are awesome!

Hope you are feeling better!

one blue egg said...

HOORAY!!!! I finally can comment! Oh I had the sicklies too:( hope you're feeling better! Your hubby sounds lots like mine:) aren't we the lucky ones:) xo