Apr 25, 2007

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye

Goodness ABC takes me seriously--no lie, I just yesterday emailed ABC and their local station here in KC telling them as long as Rosie was part of The View, I could no longer watch their station. Wheww! I really didn't want to stop watching October Road! So long, Rosie...please take your unjustified hate-filled rhetoric with you.

*I'm all for opinions, truly I am. What I don't get into is the disrespectful, anything goes, no need to filter what pops into her head forum she has enjoyed for far too long.

I'll be gone for a day or two, vacationing in my garage a very pleased girl!



Cat said...

Right on Sista!

Have a Wonderful Day today, and I will try to come by and visit! either today or tomorrow!!


Girl Gone Wild said...

Dang...great pic of you!

Good luck on the G.S., my neighborhood GS is next month and I'm already freaking out!

La Tea Dah said...

Yes, ABC finally got smart on Rosie! She was wayyyyyyy too overbearing and opinionated!

Glad you wrote that email! LOL!

oneblueegg said...

SHE IS A PULK! nuf said...I'm so glad she is outa there! Not that I've ever watched the view, but sometimes it is on in the background and she is just nasty..good luck with the sale! darn now I hope this will post, stace I have the hardest time making my posts go through over here, it's hit or miss, and I'm not sure why:( later!

Classic MaMa said...

I would like to personally thank you for helping to oust Rosie. So, "Thank you." Hopefully, she won't go getting her own show on a channel that I enjoy watching. (We only have 6 so, it would really be detrimental to our tv viewing.)