Apr 25, 2007

  • Complete gathering of items for garage sale tomorrow.

  • Above mentioned includes putting on borrowed wading boots, venturing into teenagers' rooms. Find treasures I deem forgotten--yet not so pricey that I can't replace out of sale money if discovered missing by said teenager--after mandatory/traditional three day whining period.

  • Beg friends for tables for garage sale tomorrow.

  • Finish pricing items gathered for garage sale tomorrow. Try not to deviate from yesterday's pricing index--we all know how that turns out!

  • Get change for garage sale tomorrow.

  • Clean bathroom on main level for garage sale tomorrow (I just cannot say no, I tried, I broke).

  • Mop kitchen floor so bathroom users at garage sale tomorrow don't deduct the ick factor from items they have eyes on.

  • Give up trying to finish laundry in the laundry room, just hide all laundry in the dryer; this is point of entry from garage. Not done, this could cost potential buyers when they see former state of potential purchases.

  • Address Alex's birthday party invitations...(trust me, more to come on THAT).

  • Buy stamps and mail them; by evening, daydream about fitting down into that big blue box and retrieving every last one.

  • Find something edible at the grocery store--Niki is bringing latest boyfriend home after school. Actually like this one, so need to work hard to impress him--probably will get the real Totino's pizza rolls, not the Tony-O kind. Dr. Pepper, not Dr. Thunder. That should keep him around for another month, possibly two?

  • Find chocolate--I think kids are out of Easter chocolate (oops), will need to purchase at grocery (did I mention garage sale tomorrow?).

  • Beg someone to watch garage sale tomorrow (did I mention I was having one?); I need to take my dear friend to her doctor's appointment.

  • Be sure to mention often to son Cody that this is all for him--we're using garage sale money for his new mattress. If sale doesn't go well, then the boy just needs to learn to sleep in a ball position.

So....if you maybe don't know it, our neighborhood is having a garage sale, and I'm in.

During last fall's garage sale, my cyst burst on my ovary, sending me to the ER. Which snowballed from there, two months later I had a complete hysterectomy. Be glad I wasn't blogging then! I'm sure I'll mention seering hot flashes soon, though.

Work is nearly complete, I'm quite happy!
Isaiah 5:12

12 They have harps and lyres at their banquets, tambourines and flutes and wine, but they have no regard for the deeds of the LORD, no respect for the work of his hands.


Cat said...

Okay yeah! that pic is SO YOU!

Hope all goes well with your Garage sale! a shame I never got to do mine. oh well. there is always another weekend. LOL
ummm are we talking about the boyfriend we met at church and lunch lastweek? or is there another new one?

RealEstateGirl said...

Thanks for stopping by. So sorry to hear about your Dad...he died quite young.

I appreciate your comment and am so glad you stopped by from the CWO!!!

Good luck with your garage sale! Watch out for those that want in to "use the bathroom"...keep a close eye on them!

La Tea Dah said...

Stacey, I am sure you are already a decent cook! Thanks for visiting Gracious Hospitality and commenting on my greens and violets salad!