Apr 21, 2007

Hmmm...yesterday was a lot of things -- it was amazingly fun, confusing, scary, funny, intriguing and comforting. Where was I? I was at the Midwest Homeschooler's Conference with my dear friend, Teri (a homeschooling mommy in the trenches). http://www.midwesthomeschoolers.org/conferences.htm

Those who know me know I don't do mornings well, so I was very pleased with myself that I got Teri picked up and drove to the convention, arriving with a few minutes to spare! I had spent a great deal of time making certain I did NOT look like a homeschooling mom most people envision.

No denim jumper for me, I wore trendy gauchos. Full makeup, down to the eyeliner, hair straightened, plenty of lifting hairspray applied, both sets of earrings inserted, matching diamond necklace around my neck, topped with just a dab of floral perfume. No sireee....I would not look like I belonged there! And never, friends, never will I be in a 15 passenger van. Probably moreso because I only have three kids than anything, two of which are nearly grown, lol!
Said convention started with several seminars, a little convention walking. As the day flew by we realized we needed more time with the curriculum vendors so we stopped at three seminars and Teri picked up the curriculum she was looking for. I think I've decided on Bob Jones University for Alex, supplementing with some literature I thought would be helpful.

Towards the end of the evening, our hubbies met us to view what we'd decided on (as if they had any choice, lol. jkjk) We ended with a fantastic hour of humor and encouragement--our speaker, Todd Wilson knocked our socks off with his insights and humor. If you ever get the chance to listen to one of his seminars, go for it, I'll send money if you don't enjoy it!

After an hour of laughing to tears, we hit a hole in the wall cafe Teri's husband chose and spent another grand hour dining with wonderful friends. Upon leaving the restaurant, I asked Teri to sit on the big giant rooseter in the foyer--I only had to say it once, she was on him in an instant! If you knew Teri, you'd never have believed it. So...to prove it, ....

By day's end (actually around 4 o'clock) I realized the pretty sandals I chose for the event weren't made for walking. And walking. And walking. I had a blister on my left foot, so I leaned heavily on my right. The jewels on the sandals looked stunning, but I think people were seeing my limp rather than my style! My makeup was losing it's making up, there was shine EVERYWHERE. And my hair long ago won the battle with the mega-hold hairspray combined with moose and just a dab of gel on the roots. I found myself casually lifting my right arm for smell checks, my perfume also gave up on me. My super-trendy gauchos were losing their shape and had a few spots of coffee on the right leg. I didn't take my water pills for fear of needing to use the restroom, disrupting a session; so my face and fingers were bloated to twice the going rate.

Actually, I found the moms at this conference mostly seemed a lot like me, only dressed for walking! A fact that some people who know me quite well might be afraid of in and of itself!!

So...Homeschooling....here I come! (I think...probably...maybe)


Cat said...

Can't wait to hear all about it. I hope your feet feel better today!

See you Sunday!

Girl Gone Wild said...

Oh my Lord...you're so funny! Hope you recover!

Betty Jo said...

I homeschooled my son, and now he and my precious daughter-in-love (who was also homeschooled) homeschool our two granddaughters. We are so glad we did, and super glad they are doing the same. xoxo