Apr 23, 2007

Got a running start on the landscape details for that little area next to the house and front porch--what is that little space called anyway? You know, usually rectangular or triangular in shape, usually houses some shrubs, maybe a bench? Still need to finish it, but so far so good. I'd like to remove the shrub in the center of the window there (look closely, you'll see little Jack Jack! awww). Alex's planter needs to be finished--he chose his own flowers. Amongst adding more potted plants, would like to add a few decorative elements and update the doorbell. I cannot wait until fall when we can paint, it'll be fantabulistic! The large pot in the back of the photo there is our new water fountain--it's kind of cool when it's on. We'll add some water plants to that too once we figure out what those are, lol. I wanted that feature because when I walk up to someones doorstep that has moving water near it, it cools the whole area down for some reason; just provides immediate atmosphere.

That was Saturday. Moving on to yesterday. I went with my blogging-turned-real-life friend turned church-family-member, Cat, to the Dead Sea Scrolls. I took my boys, she brought Brandon. While it was very interesting, I was kind of secretly hoping for a transforming feeling the minute my eyes met the transcripts. It was awe-inspiring, this much is true, but I didn't feel "different". No trumpets, no lightning bolts, no epiphany. However, I did walk away with a huge appreciation for those who have spent all these years putting them back together and transcribing!
The drive home was fun fun fun stuff! Cat's little boy Brandon (whom I still think is adorable, despite it all!) was feeling sick pretty much most of the day. He fell asleep in the car and suddenly we heard a panicked "Mom!" from him. Cat didn't have a lot of time to react before he got sick to his stomach. It wasn't that bad really. All the things he hit were washable, including Alex's leg, lol. She feels worse about it than I do--we all have kids, they all throw up, so what kind of mommy would be upset about that? So Cat, if you're reading this, and I know you will, stop apologizing! It's fine--you will be driving to the Caves this summer, though--in your car.

We ran across a fun storefront in the old downtown section of KC while we were heading home---some sort of architectural salvage store--we made note of this and will be heading down soon with high hopes of scoring some very cool things for which we will use to feather our very cool nests!

Off now to clean the garage--it's neighborhood garage sale weekend and I need to make way for my junk! xoxo


Girl Gone Wild said...

Cute garden area! What type of tree is in the middle? Looks like a weeping fig, but I've never seen a weeping fig out of a planter.

Cat said...

LOL yes, I am over now. LOL
I love your garden area, I want a fountain now. LOL
can't wait to go to the salvage place, that will be awesome.
Oh and I will drive to the caves. Your road rage scared me! LOL

Cat said...

Hmm I am gonna think of a good nick name for you.

Betty Jo said...

That adorable area could almost be called a court yard. You have it planted really pretty. The salvage place sounds awesome. Let us know what you find there. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacey! This is Lana @ Bargainhuntingmoms.com. I couldn't figure out how to contact you any other way. Could you drop me an email?

I think your garden area is adorable!

Slackermommy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I live in Ballwin which isn't too far from you. Sometimes I get together with other St. Louis bloggers. Let me know if you would like to get together with us.