Mar 13, 2007

My Wonderful Day

Today was just about as good as it goes. No problems getting the kids off to school, hair day wasn't all that bad and I even stuck with the first pair of capri's I pulled on--that there is worth a dollar! Got Alex dropped at school, emailed some great friends and set off for my sewing room.

I've had an Etsy shop for a few months, but no action so far, so I'm discouraged, sort of. My friend Gina truly loved some of the baby things I sewed and bought two gift sets for her new nephew, so although it wasn't a sale online, it was a sale! I created this wrap skirt/onesie this morning, I like it so much I'm already envisioning the next fabric....but I have a friend who needs two tote bags, so I'll get to them first.

Getting the skirt finished up, it was off to the nursing home again for some Bingo! Sometimes when the activities director can't be there, I get the chance to fill in. It's a workout, not gonna deny that, but it's so worth it because when I'm there in a room filled with people who are so very very close to meeting God soon, I feel peace.

Unless someone has water, then they all want water, but nobody tells me at the same time, they wait until I call a number, run into the hall, get the cup, fill it with cold fountain water, come back and call another number.....this went on until I'd done it five times. Can't blame them, it's my fault really, for not asking the second time "who else?"! And I do believe I saw some devious looks exchanged, some of them were simply being ornery! Honestly, there aren't a lot of privileges I've had much higher than serving these beautiful people who have spent their lives serving others...they're so deserving.

And last but not least, I've had the great honor of being asked to serve on the Women's Ministry Team at our church. Sounds official, but it's not so much official as it is fun. The opportunities that are there to reach out to other women in and out of our kind of "glue" us together, knit us into one incredible group of women! We threw out some good ideas, some things that need to 'get done' and even planned an overnight retreat.

Chose Corn Flakes over ice cream tonight, that was tough. But...I didn't do my jog/walk routine today, although I did my resistance training. I'm having lunch with some very dear high school friends Monday and I'm up nearly 8 pounds since October, hysterectomy. That's the vanity in me. But--these are the friends who put up with a lot of my ideas which landed us all in deep trouble more often than not, so I'm guessing they'll still love me! I know I'm all over the board today with thoughts. This was taken this past October at our 20th reunion, this is my best friend, we really had some great times. Nobody could roller skate around the rink in our overalls over oxford shirts, hair french braided, wearing eyeshadow smuggled in and washed off before we left, singing l Whip It lyrics like we did. And, sigh, we were good at watching at the end of the session as the couples paired off, hand in hand, gliding around the floor to Lost In Love. But we had each other and we usually could come up with enough change between us to split a big pickle.


Cat said...

OMG! I could of been at the skating Rank with you all. You described exactly what I used to do there! LOL

It is almost chilling how alike we are! LOL

Stacey said...
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one`blue egg said...

Hi Stace! teheheh! I loved what you posted over by me re: er hem! that one sure did take a funny twist:)I've read a bit over here and admire your creativity, beautiful children too* your name memorial to your sister is touching and I'm sorry that you lost her so soon:( I'll be back often and thanks for visitng me!

Cat said...

LOL Girl! I have some dance moves for Whip it! (Jr. high drillteam) and Steve Perry! OMGosh...

Cat said...

Hey girl, Thats okay if your not on board with the snake thing, Its a guy thing anyway, I just have to go along with it cuz well, I am the one here to help out , hubby isn't!

As for my suv, Nope not an Explorer XLT, but it is a Ford! mine is an Expedition!
they are close! lol
what color is yours? Mine is Blue, hubbies is Black. (yes we both have one, long story there!)

Cat said...

I wish I had babies to buy a couple outfits for. I just don't have any around me.

They are just adorable. I will pass the word for you on them though!