Mar 10, 2007

Creativity Was More Than Half the Fun!

While I can't say it hasn't been a productive week, I'll just say it hasn't gone how I envisioned! My husband John took on a part time job in the evenings to teach at a local college, and I found myself adjusting to the harsh realities of parenting alone once again. It brings back memories not so long ago when he finished his MBA and the long nights. After awhile I got used to it, and I shall again. I think it's harder on him than it is me anyway!

Of course, this time around, my daughter Nicole is old enough to drive, and she's more than happy to take my bank card and hop over to the store for whatever I might have forgotten. I remember well those days, the freedom of being alone in my car, listening to the radio. In my first car, it was AM radio and if we tuned in just right and it was nearly dark, I could tap into an FM station somewhere far away and if I listened carefully, I could make out The Cars and You're All I've Got Tonight....

When technology got a little better, I got a cassette player, and I had two or three cassettes. I could play it from the passenger seat and that was alright! Then I got my first pair of headphones. They were the ultra-cool super small ones, you know, about the size of a half dollar covered with gray foam. That made the experience even better, but I was nervous, I wasn't sure it was legal to drive with headphones in my ears.

Just when it seemed to not get ANY better than that, along came the Walkman and let me tell you, that was the ONLY thing I needed for Christmas! If I had an AM/FM cassette, I could hear so many songs, my head would spin. I do recall well the first time I popped in Eddie And The Cruisers On the Dark Side and took my Chevette for a ride! Eventually I got a stereo, some Pioneer speakers, the works, but somehow the ingenuity was gone.

I think my children like my music least they put up with it. When they hear Bon Jovi, they know Mom's going to sing, so maybe roll up their windows! Here are my three good sports, Nicole 17, Cody 16 (with his court warming date) and Alex, 9. I'm a picture maniac, I show them off whenever the opportunity even remotely allows!


Cat said...

Stacey! Your children are beautiful! My 17yr old son would go crazy for your daughter! Good thing he has a girlfriend already! LOL
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We don't live near the water anymore(we did in Louisiana) there is a smaller lake close, but nothing huge! LOL I actually live down the road from the Raymore City shelter! I also adopted my Cat Harley, but we got him from Belton.
Feel free to email me anytime! would love to chat more!

Cat said...

Ohhh and I meant to also tell you!