Mar 26, 2007

My first Sale!
Today my first online order at my Etsy shop went through! I'm very excited about this, because as I wrote earlier, I was ready to shut down and start over. I've sold things I've made, but they've been sales to friends, so this will be the first outside sale! She ordered my favorite sailor outfit:

This morning, I was padding back to my powder room with a hot mug of coffee when out of the corner of my eye, this is what I found in my dining room:

To the untrained eyes, these are three kitties enjoying a beautiful Spring morning..but upon closer inspection...
That's right, our sweet sweet kitty cats are looking to snag an innocent bird feeding in the new bird feeder! Even as I write this, they're still waiting, in their minds believing just the right opportunity will present itself and those birds are dinner. Sadly, the blinds on the window are actually raised for King Louie, it's where he usually parks himself and watches the world spin. If someone strolls near, he lets us know...which is so rude! John pointed out to him just last week that we certainly don't bark at dogs as we pass. Still we cannot convince Louie it's not okay. Even so, Louie would like his spot back...I don't think he's down with this new situation.


Cat said...

Aww Poor Louie! Those darn cats take over everything!

That outfit looks adorable girlfriend!

Cat said...

Woohoo! you got your music, Now I just got to tell you how to make it a little smaller to fit! very easy!

How was your day???

Cat said...

Never mind! I was talking about your music bar, BUT, in exporer it is fine. I use Moxilla firefox, so it was lined up different. LOL

Hope Alex feels better.
Take care friend!

Allena said...

LOL my cats do the same thing. it's so funny!