Mar 24, 2007

It's been a fairly busy Saturday, don't hardly know where to start. I guess from the start. While driving home from dinner last night, we detoured to see John's childhood home, saw it was for sale. I happen to have a dear friend in realty, so she agreed to show it to us this morning (it's vacant). She tried to warn us it was very torn up, but words didn't quite describe the disaster the previous owners left the house in. But still, I finally got to see where he grew up, which was nice. Toyed around with buying this house, fixing it up and selling, but the damage is so extensive, I don't know that we'd profit much from that, if at all.

After that, started our taxes, got a little bored with those so John tried out his new lawn tractor. I ran to Hobby Lobby for less than an hour and got home to find him finished already! Normally it would take two hours just to mow the back! So hooray, I'm happy about that. Of course, Alex had to take it for a spin himself and me, I'm playing cool until next time. But the engine sounds like the Taxi ride at Worlds of Fun--oh I'm going to give it a go. Just maybe not on a weekend with so many people working in their yards. Because when I go, it'll have to be loud!

That being done, Alex wanted to take a hike behind his elementary school, story is there's a cave Jessie James hid out in, so we needed to verify that. We didn't see a cave this trip, but we did see a bunch of deer, a turtle and what appeared to be a badger? clinging for dear life to a tree. Poor little guy was so afraid of us he was shaking. We left hims as quickly as we could, hopefully he finally made his way back down and to his family!

Finally, I'm very excited I got an email late yesterday from a lady who loved one of my Etsy two-piece outfits and wants to place an order for a different size! It's my first sale--yippee! Just as I was about to close that down and start over. Maybe I'll hold out just a little I made up some tags for the clothes/baby things I have for sale. I'll show them to you soon--have a few minor adjustments to make! With that, it's late, but I'm off to my sewing room with a much better attitude, doing what I love to do, sewing!


Cat said...

Sounds like you had a very adventurous day my friend! Oh hubby would go nuts over Johns Toy there. LOL

Poor little badger did look scared. how cool to see all that on your walk.

Have fun sewing!
Lets talk soon!

Cat said...

Hey girl, I am sorry, I was really planning on coming this sunday, BUT... I caved and let Brandon have his first sleepover last night, and the boys mom isn't here yet to pick him up. sorry. I am going to plan on next Sunday!