Mar 8, 2007

Cocktail Apron

Well, it took a week longer to finish, but it is, The Retro Cocktail Apron!

My daughter Niki is modeling for me, she's a size 2/3, so it's a tad large on her. I like the detachable towel feature, I think I'll sew buttons into more of my aprons so I can attach towels quickly! I'm thinking another apron is in the works for the coming week, but I have yet to do some altering for my dear friend's daughter's dance costumes. Which I have yet to complete! So....hopefully.

Alright with that, I am signing off, making my grocery list and heading to the thrift store! Okay okay, I'll get groceries too, but it's such a beautiful day and I'm feeling their pull.....I think if I hurry I can do both before noon.


Cat said...

Hello! This is Cat from MOG!
I wanted to check out your blog and say HELLO again!

I couldn't help but notice how much we have in common. I am Married to a Great guy going on 19yrs this year. I have 3 children, Mine are Greg 17,Matt 11 and Brandon 8. I am a SAHM, but have just recently started a Jewelry business. I was born and raised in Kansas, but moved away when hubby and I got married, we just recently moved back this way almost 2 yrs ago. (After Hurricane Katrina)

Stacey said...
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