Mar 5, 2007

Hello! I'm literally stealing a few moments this morning to wonderful (truly they are) in-laws are arriving today for my son's Grandparents Night. As it usually goes, I haven't done as much preparation as I should, and being a Monday, triple the stuff that needs to be done!

But....I couldn't let another day go without posting my latest thrift finds..or at least these three. I live near a large retirement village which has it's own thrift store, so you can just imagine some of the old, beautiful things one could find there. I picked up the Pyrex in it's silver surround for a mere $5, also the small bowl with silver base, I believe it was $2.50. The lace came in a package of three for $2, so it had to come home with me! When I first came home and unpacked my treasures, I stashed the Pyrex at the top of my pantry, knowing I'd have to find a great spot for it.

As the day wore on, I found myself in the master bath cleaning and organizing, very frustrating some days. The older I get, the more drawn I am to all things firming, minimizing and exfoliating! I have quite a collection growing on my counter top, and I was trying very hard to group them and still keep the counter top looking uncluttered, with no success. That's when it came to me even faster than the creases under my eyelids! So without further adieu, voila!

I'm always amazed how creative my thoughts turn just when I give up! The small dish I use to stash the jewelry I take off throughout the day/night while washing up or cleaning. I can stop worrying if I leave tiny earrings on the counter that the cats will bat them into the sink before I've had time to move them to the jewelry drawer.

That's all for now, I hope time will be my friend in the next few days and I will show you the rest of my thrift finds. ~S