Mar 29, 2007

Fishing Ponds

I'm out of steam today, it's been a difficult couple of days. So I needed a lift and went to one of my favorite blogs, One Blue Egg. As I'm reading , I realized "hey, we have neighborhood fishing ponds, why haven't I gone yet?". So, that's where I hope to be either today or tomorrow after school--fishing with Alex and anyone else who would like to join us. I'll post up-t0-date pictures when we go, but for now, I put up a few of my favorites from last year. Blessings friends, thanks for your lovely emails and encouragement, you lift me when I need it!
Oh and I did finish this halter dress for my Etsy shop, I fell in love when I saw this fabric!


Cat said...

Oh yeah, nothing like a good fishing spot. what a great idea!