Jan 5, 2009

Let The Second Half Commence!

First--thank you for your encouragement...an old high school friend of mine told me tonight to just look up and praise God. How right he is!

Well today marked a few first--Cody's first day of his second semester of his 11th year in high school. Niki's first day of NOT going to high school. And, of course, Alex's first day back at his little school I affectionately like to call 'get down to the kitchen NOW!'. You know, I do believe it's time for school pictures:

Math this year is on the computer--Fifth Grade Math whips me:

Aww Alex, you poor guy--you shouldn't even HAVE to go to school!

But.......if you're going to go, might as well feign joy!

On a side note:

This little guy in these photos, my Alex the Baby, got new shoes this weekend. Seems he shot out of his size 4 shoes he started summer with and is now a perfect...........SIZE 9???!!!

One half size less than his 17 year old brother and his daddy. He's shot up so much in the past few months that all his jeans we bought for Fall are now pedal pushers. Which is fine, keeps in line with the whole 'homeschool' look and all. But size 9? I REFUSE to give him a piggy back ride across the 'long bridge' to Africa at the zoo. He should be hauling ME back and forth. Well maybe not, he's grown so quickly his little legs look like flamingo legs, they're so skinny. Might break 'em....sigh. Okay I'll give him a haul, but I will NOT do the boing boing boing across the bridge game anymore!


Mrs. C said...

Oh, no, Alex is going to way outgrow everything at that rate. That's one thing I loved about living in Florida years ago... shorts fit for a fair while, but the jeans you just can't pretend. :]

Math in the kitchen looks like fun. We'd probably do that but Woodjie and S would be running everywhere and/or wanting out of their high chairs.

Jenny 867-5309 said...

Wow...he has changed A LOT! No baby-face there. I absolutely love your pics!

Tammy said...

That is a growth spurt! I can't wait for Aidan to have one. I know he's only 4, but he's so small compared to the other kids his age.

kailani said...

How in the world are you able to still carry him? He's grown so much!

Sandi McBride said...

I hope all that growing wasn't painful for Alex..I remember growing pains! They were actual pains...lovely family shots!

D... said...

Holy cow. You need to post pics more often so it's not such a shock to see how much he has changed! I can totally tell he's grown a lot. You can really see it in his face.

And, a size 9????? My word. He needs to stop that. ;)

I agree with you about 5th grade Math. I'm in that math class this year. It kicks my butt, too. I always have to casually take a glance at the teacher's edition so I don't steer the kids wrong. Hee!

Jim and Jami said...


Edwards Family said...

Cody has growth hormone deficiency and takes a shot every day. His pituitary gland wimped out on him..anyway.. we joke all the time cause Cody weighs in at a whopping 109 pounds and is 5'4" and wears a size 10.5 shoe.. he looks like an "L" playing basketball!!! :)

Bubba's Sis said...

Wow - Alex's face is really changing, too! He looks so grown up! It's sad when the baby isn't a baby anymore, isn't it??? My 11-year-old "baby" has bigger feet than I do, and he nearly looks me in the eye!

Misty Dawn said...

WOW!!! He really has grown and changed! He looks so much more older/mature now. You've got some handsome/beautiful kids, Stace... but you already knew that ;-)

Mrs. C said...

Hey. Looked up about how to get to the zoo and prices and stuff.

"Africa" is closed right now, so tickets are $5. I get wallopped and can't quite walk that far anyway. I should consider going but it's awfulllllly cold.