Dec 16, 2008

I Survived The Company Party

Surviving John's company Christmas parties is an art. I haven't been in several years, I boycotted them. They were usually held at Starker's Reserve on the Country Club Plaza where a side of whipped potatoes will run you about $7. We would gather in our private party room and drink orders would commence. Not being a sophisticated drinker, my mind usually went into panic a drink a drink......and unable to come up with something on the fly (you'd think by now I'd plan ahead, but I'm ADD, I don't do that), I'd order red or white wine. I learned early on if I wanted the steak, I'd need to go with red and thoughts of UB40 ran through my mind all night long.

You get the picture--waiters weilding little metal crumb sweepers and who know from which side to serve. I managed to get out of the parties for awhile. John didn't go last year, either, we had a conflict. This year, no such luck. And so I reluctantly agreed to attend.

No Harry Starker's this time, times are lean...we went to Jack's Stack BBQ where the atmosphere was nice but casual. I think the one complaint I have is the private party room is adorned with a GIANT mirror that runs from one end of the room to the other. And the wall the mirror happens to be hung on runs right along the buffet...of course it is. (click the link to see the room with the mirror, you'll empathize)

I heard a lot of 'long time no see's' and 'we missed you's'. I feigned amazement when after a few drinks, one of John's co-workers recounted for the 10th time that she was a sorority sister of Jamee's. It was a small world ten years ago and still is! We'll visit it again next year, I'm sure. I decided, as I stood there, Michelob Ultra bottle in hand (I just gave up on the whole wine thing, it's not me) that I worry about these things for nothing. I'm no less interesting, I just have real nails. I'll go next year without being dragged, pushed and propped up, but only if I can wear jeans again.


Memarie Lane said...

We're lucky. The mortuary has two parties, one for adults and one for families. We went to the family one and it was every kid's dream. Santa, stories, crafts, cookies of every shape and color, etc.

Donna said...

We've never gone to Cliff's company party. It's a dress-up affair with dancing... just not my cup of tea, and I don't have any dress-up clothes anyhow. If they'd go to Jack Stack, you BET I'd go. Wearing my jeans, of course.

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I'm glad to hear you survived. Too bad about Starker's though, I would have ducked downstairs for a little shopping at Restoration Hardware. Well maybe just drooling since I actually can't afford to shop there!

We went to Bill's Christmas party on Friday and guess what? I wore jeans! Sure they were dark black jeans, but still they were jeans and they were comfy!! Might wear them again next year too!

Jenny 867-5309 said...

Dude....our company Xmas party consists of us bringing sidedishes while the boss brings a Turkey from Boston Market.

'Nuff said.

D... said...

Our faculty parties consist of PAYING for our meal, drinks, dessert. Big D's company doesn't even do parties.

Bubba's Sis said...

Jeans is much more my style, too - altho I've been to plenty of the dressy affairs as well. Hubby's work isn't even having a party this year - I guess since GM is looking for a bailout, they don't have money for Christmas parties!

Sharon said...

Uh oh, I don't drink beer, and you don't drink wine. And I love to dress up for parties...we can still be friends right? LOL

Aren't you glad you went? I bet everyone really DID miss probably are the life of the party.

Our party is tomorrow during lunch - a pot luck with white elephant gift exchange. I just hope my gift is tacky enough to win!