Sep 27, 2008

Six Quirky Things About Me

Shana tagged me the other day--so here it is. Six quirky things about me. You'd think that wouldn't be difficult, but I'm deep in denial, so I've been mulling it over.

1. If you've read my blog longer than a week, you know Tab soda flows through my veins and without it, I'll probably check out.

2. I pop my eyelids. I've done this since childhood. It resulted in a very terrifying moment in time late one night as I lay in the dark in my orange canopied bed happily popping my eyes as I drifted to sleep. My sister, Jamee, (oh she could get mean with the best of us when driven to it) suddenly dive bombed me from out of the darkness, hollering "Stop it Stacey! Stop popping your eyes!!! Stop it!!!!". Sheesh! If only she'd tried it.

3. I can't sleep well without three pillows. Two on my head and one at my back.

4. I STILL hate getting out of bed at night...sometimes I can almost feel the arms that are laying in wait reaching out and grabbing my ankles, pulling me under....that goes for vans with no windows parked beside me, thanks for whoever forwarded THAT to me!

5. I can't go outside without my sunglasses, and I panic when I can't find them. This dates back a few years, Niki and Cody were small. I was driving to the grocery store when suddenly my eyes started watering so badly I had to pull over, I couldn't see. My eyes are, for some reason, very sensitive to the sun and they water up and itch like crazy!

6. Number Five leads me to think I could be a vampire and not even know it.

If you're reading this and wanna share, I'm tagging YOU! Thanks, Shana, it was fun.


The Happiest Blog on Earth said...

Dear Stacey:

Now I am wondering if you actually sleep walking with your sunglasses?

I am glad that I know more about you. By the way, why it's 6 things not 7 or 8 things?

I thought American don't really like number 6. ;-)


Tammy said...

I love the Halloween theme you have going on!!! Very spooky girl! The popping the eyes is freaking me out a bit though...ewwww! lol

Bubba's Sis said...

I LOVE the new Halloween look! Very spooky!

Can you shoot Tab out your eyeballs?

Jim and Jami said...

Love the new layout.....maybe I can think of 6 things.....oh, and shooting Tab out your eyeballs, I would buy tickets to see that, hehe

Cathi said...

Girl, you are too funny!! Hey, I've got the vampire thing going too.

Shana said...

Love your new layout! I think I have shared with you before that my Brayden LOVE Halloween! (As any good Southern Baptist!!!)

Thanks for playing along!

D... said...

LOVE the Halloween look! You are so clever and spooky!

I think you just might be a vampire. Does the thought of Tab flavored blood rock your world?

Anonymous said...

We have more in common than you know, LOL.

I deleted life of triggers, using my real name instead of my middle name. Hope this takes you there. Visit me when you can. It was a total impulse due to people in Blogland, beyond my control.

Jessica said...

Hey Aunt Stacey-just wanted to add that I'm the same way about going outside without my sunglasses. My eyes water like I'm peeling 53 onions. Just wanted you to know that you're not alone. Love the halloween look. Is it that time of year? I'm all off.

Stacey said...

LOL, well I am a little early, Jessica. But being in Panama AND having a new baby just might throw you off a little! Love you. ~Aunt Stacey

Internet Marketing said...

where did Halloween come from?

Sharon said...

Wow, another six quirky things about you? I *knew* I loved you for more than your beautiful smile. You know I'd play along but there's just nohting quirky about me :-) Yep, that's my sotry and I'm sticking to it.

Hey, stop over on my blog because I'd LOVE to hear what you have to say about the today's topic...

ConservaChick said...

I'm with you on #4.

But TAB? Really?