Apr 5, 2008

Spring Wardrobe

I've been working on the new header but not sure I love it, so I'm going to leave it here and think about it for awhile! The little blue bird will stay--I called my sister Jamee JBird. I also called my little sister, Antoinette, Toenail. I'll work on it. Kidding. About working on it. I really did call her Toenail. And she answered.

In the meantime, again you have all blessed me greatly with your concern for myself and my family over the loss of Boo. And I don't have words adequate enough to thank you, but I'll try:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~THANK YOU~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
All of you, regular or new readers/friends, I appreciate you. Don't forget to click the sidelink over there to enter to win a pair of Tricia Goyer's books...you're gonna like them, promise.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

It's cute! If only the blonde had some blue eyes, she could be me!!!

Sorry to hear about little Boo. He was definitely a cutie and I know you'll all miss him.

Stacey said...

Kathleen, thanks. And it IS you--why are you wearing brown contacts, though? j/w xoxo

Terence Chang said...

Cool header image .. I like it!

Well. I guess I have to change the screenshot in my post ...

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Bubba's Sis said...

I think the brunette could be me - but where are you and D?? Oh wait - ya'll are taking the picture!

Stacey said...

No, you're blonde now, BS, didn't I tell you that?

Terence, NO, don't change the button, love the button....I'll put that photo on the sidebar as well, okay?

Terence Chang said...


Sure thing. I won't change anything. I like both header images of yours.

By the way, I am heading to Las Vegas tomorrow for 3 days. Will be in the International Lingerie Show .. hehe ..

It's going to be sexy days .. -)

Take a good care!

Trinity said...

Love the header! What are you guys talking about on that header? hehehe... the blue Jbird is so cute!

and yes, it is so blessed to be surrounded by many friends!

Anonymous said...

I like your new header, very cute!

Why toenail? She actually responded? Must be a sister thing.

Have a great Sunday.


D... said...

I happen to love the header! I noticed the little blue bird right off before I read about it. I think it's perfect.

What are we doing? Playing Yahtzee? Bunco?

Angela Williams Duea said...

I love it! Very cute.

Misty Dawn said...

Love the header Stacey! You've got quite the creative talent!

When I was young, my aunt called me Termite. Now, she calls me Rat. What's up with that? Both of those are pests. Ya think she's trying to tell me something???

Ya know I love ya, right?!?!

Misty Dawn said...

Oh yeah - I had to run over here and tell you something - the other day on the phone, my husband told someone that he lives in "Missoura" (Yup, that's what he said... he ended it with "a") I just about died, and knew you would understand.

Stacey said...

Trin, thank you girl. We're playing bunco and wishing you were there!

Eileen, Antoinette, shortened to toinette, shortened to toe, then add the nail. Makes perfect sense to me!

D, Bunco girlfriend..and I beat you, too.

Thanks Angela, I like it, but you know by now that lasts about two months and I'm over it.

Mist, thanks AND.....oh my oh my. What is wrong with your man? I think I need to get there soon. We could tie him up and force him to watch chick flicks until he finally gives in and says it right! hehe.

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

Hiiiii Staceyyyyyyyyy :)

kailani said...

Love the Spring make-over!

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

Stop being so dang creative!...unless you want to make something for my header too?!?! (smiling big and batting eyelashes)

I love, love love the look.